This week we celebrated our 50th episode and more exciting and inspiring interviews! Today we recap the prior week's episodes and provide you with the success takeaways from each episode.

Success Takeaway Saturday
A photo of myself, taken at Santa Monica College (close to where my last photo was taken), being silly and combining different props for the “Alternative Portraiture” assignment in my Photo 1 class at the school success.
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Summary of Our Interview with, Gary Lipsky

Gary always had the entrepreneur itch inside him. Began a food delivery business in college but ended up failing. This didn’t stop him from achieving his success. Gary started an after school outdoor leadership development company for school aged kids. He was able to scale this to over 9,000 students. Eventually he sold the company and focused full time on his real estate investments. After selling his company, he used the profits to invest in more deals to increase his portfolio. He started with fix and flips and ultimately transitioned into multifamily real estate. He was able to scale his investments by forcing himself around like-minded individuals who could help him grow to where he wanted to be.

Success Takeaway

Be around like-minded people and people that are better than you. This will add a lot of fuel to your fire.

Summary of Our Interview With, Josh Patrick (Episode 50!!)

While growing up, Josh was exposed to the family business and ended up working in the businesses throughout his school years. Josh went the college route and loved every second of it and was disappointed when it was over and had to face the real world. Josh thought he wanted to become a lawyer but quickly realized it wasn’t for him. He began working for his father’s company again and eventually bought part of the company. Josh was able to scale this to over 90 employees over four different branches. Josh was able to do this because he delegated tasks that others could do while he focused on growing the business. After twenty years in this business, josh sold the company and began his own wealth management firm.

Success Takeaway

In order to grow your business to a much larger scale, you need to be able to delegate tasks that others can do while you are the one focusing on growing your business as big as it can be.

stairs to beach success
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Summary of Our Interview With, Kat McLead

Kat grew up in an abusive family and struggled a lot in her early years. Looking for financial independence, Kat began stripping and eventually moved to Los Angeles. After many tough experiences as a stripper, Kat decided to become a dominatrix and work on that business for herself. Kat got burnt out at this and decided she needed to niche down. After she niched down, her business skyrocketed and led to over six figures a year. Although she was making great money, she still was not fulfilled. After a business opportunity from a long-term client, she realized she was a great entrepreneur and wanted to grow something for herself. Now, Kat coaches stay at home mothers on how to find fulfillment and independent income.

Success Takeaway

Determine what success means to you. For Kat, success was not making six figures. She found out that success for her was helping stay at home mothers become more independent and find their own fulfillment.

Summary of Our Interview With, John Soforic

John grew up in the middle class to a good family. He went to college and began working as a chiropractor after years of college and huge amounts of debt. He got married which helped increase his debts even more. In his mid-twenties, John discovered self-mastery and he attributed this to helping him get out of debt. Every day he would visualize his goals and say affirmations to himself about achieving those goals. After several years, john sold his chiropractic business and moved 500 miles away. He started up again in his new town where living was cheaper, and his lifestyle was better. Eventually john got into real estate which helped him excel into financial freedom. Ultimately, by age 50 john was able to reach financial freedom.

Success Takeaway

Success and financial freedom takes time. It is okay to take several paths until you find the right one to reach your financial freedom.

riding motorcycle
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Summary of Our Interview With, Matt Hermes

Matt went the college route and graduated college. After college he became an employee and worked his days away. After finding his soul mate and settling down, Matt and his wife decide to sell his house and had an awful experience with the real estate agents they dealt with. This inspired change inside Matt. In his off time, Matt would focus on real estate and eventually became a real estate agent full time. Unfortunately, around 2007 Matt's son became ill and the expenses were building up. After lots of stress, Matt was ready to call his life quits and kill himself. Fortunately, Matt fought through this and overcame the depression and the leading cause of it, alcoholism. Matt became sober and grew his successful real estate firm and is doing amazing today.

Success Takeaway

There are going to be challenging times in life and moments that are going to leave you hanging on to the edge. Deciding your why in life and having a strong support system will help you battle through these emotions and times of struggle.

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