We had some great interviews this week! Check out our recap of what we learned. Today we recap the prior week's interviews and share our success takeaway from each one.

Success Takeaway Saturday [WJ61]

Summary of Our Interview with Nate Smith

success as a pilot
Photographer: Shaun Darwood | Source: Unsplash

Nate started out as a kid with a dream: to become a pilot. Throughout his life he worked towards that goal, but he always had something else going on, whether it was mowing lawns or working with Amway. He read RDPD, educated himself and he stayed on the lookout for his next venture. He went to an event put on by Grant Cardone and met Russell Brunson. That event started him on real estate and was the grounds he built his marketing company on. He walked away from his day job in January 2019 and he is going full bore into real estate and his marketing company.

Success Takeaway

Bettering yourself is the key to success. Whenever you go to a talk, seminar, or even read a book you should be using the knowledge you just gained to inform your actions.

Summary of Our Interview with Anthony Kirby

After his father passed away Anthony moved to Australia when he was 19. By 21 years old, Anthony was married with a child on the way when he received a call saying that his wife's child was not his own. He left her and dived into his corporate job. After he had his own son with his new wife he left his job, without any kind of plan. A few months later he extremely successful and working with blue chip companies.

Success Takeaway

Don't die with more dreams in your mind than memories in your heart

Photographer: Anna Kolosyuk | Source: Unsplash

Summary of Our Interview with John Rubino

During his career as a Navy pilot John was paying attention to his exit strategy. While employed by the Navy he started buying properties to ease his way into real estate. After 20 years in the Navy he gets out and starts his own syndication company. Six years later he is wildly successful: his company has raised over $6.5 million and manages another $12 million.

Success Takeaway

Learn the business inside and out before putting your name on the line.

Summary of Our Interview with David Sun

success with trades
Photographer: Sharon McCutcheon | Source: Unsplash

While getting his master's degree one of his friends interests him in options trading. He finishes up school and gets a job working with semi conductors and microchips on the microscopic level. While at that job, he gets his real estate licence so he can save money buying and selling his home but he ends up getting real invested in real estate. At the same time, David is finding success in options trading and decides to start a hedge fund. Since then he has joined CEO Capital partners and continues to scale up his hedge fund.

Success Takeaway

Building a process and finding a way to scale it up will lead you to success

Summary of Our Interview with Dr. Rachel MK Headley

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket
Photographer: SpaceX | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Headley received her PhD in Geography. Afterwards, she began working with an aerospace company that studied how humans affect the planet. Although she realized that she wasn't cut out for the job, she returned to school and got another degree. She continued finding success growing her income but wasn't feeling fulfilled. She switched gears and started her own consultancy. She now helps companies build and better run their teams.

Success Takeaway

Identify like minded people, problems you can solve, then work together so that you can feed off of each other and overcome anything

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