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Success Takeaway Saturday 27

Takeaway on How To Live A Financially Free Life Through Real Estate, with Michael Blank [WJ182]

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Michael went to college and earned a computer science degree and began his W2 career. In the early 2000’s the business that Michael was working for became on of the most successful software business in history. Although he was enjoying a lot of success from this business, it was still a job to Michael. He read rich dad, poor dad and this changed his life forever and he decided to pursue financial freedom. He became very passionate about real estate. During this time, he got involved in the pizza restaurant business which turned out to be a huge failure for him. Luckily, he was able to bounce back and bought his first multifamily deal in D.C. After his first deal, he began blogging about his experiences and education which became extremely popular. Today, Michael and his team own over $75 Million worth of assets, and Michael is one of the leading educators and mentors in the business.

Success Takeaway

Decide that you want to be successful and be consistent. Michael made the decision that he was going to be successful and went all in!

Cash Flow Experts Secrets On How To Create Cash Flow, with Chris Miles Takeaway [WJ183]

Chris grew up in Oregon in a traditional family where going to college was the norm. He majored in sociology and wanted to become a business consultant but during his college experience, he dropped out to earn business experience so he could walk the walk as a consultant. Through this experience, he realized that he had a passion for helping others reach their goals and he set out to help others reach their financial freedom goals. Chris was able to turn his earned income into passive income which game him lots of freedom in his life. Chris was able to build 15-16 streams of income which he is able to live off of.

Success Takeaway

Find ways to create value for people and the money will follow. Chris found the value people were looking for and they paid for his services.

The Best Way To New Growth In Your Business, with Randall LaVeau [WJ184]

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Randall was an athlete growing up and knew sales was meant for him due to his competitive nature. He started working as a key account representative at IBM and eventually became a product marketing manager. Randall felt trapped and couldn’t use his innovative ideas in the business, so he began consulting on the side with smaller startup businesses. After a while, he left IBM and joined forces with Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) which didn’t have a marketing practice at the time. This led him to be the sole marketer for the business. Randall was able to help grow the business and eventually left after a massive and profitable exit. He and his new partner, Greg Shepard formed BOSS Capital Partners which invests in companies and helps them grow and exit their business as profitably as possible.

Success Takeaway

Don’t wait! If you have the feeling that you could be doing something else, just start doing it right now!

Takeaway on How To Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy, with Evan Leaphart [WJ185]

Evan had always had the entrepreneurial mindset and saw it as the only way to be financially free. Throughout his life, Evan had been mentoring kids and realized the school system does not prepare the youth for the real world. This is where he founded the idea if Kiddie Kredit, which is a mobile chore tracking app that teaches kids about credit. 2 years ago, he and his partner hustled to make this app a reality. Within the first month of launching, over 30,000 chores had been tracked through the app. Evan is eager to build the business and watch the app grow and change lives.

Success Takeaway

Be your biggest supporter and your worst critic, don’t give up!

How To Invest In Real Estate That Will Make You Free, with Tyler Chesser [WJ186]

Photographer: Alexander Andrews | Source: Unsplash

At a young age, Tyler was fascinated with human psychology and human behavior which led him to study marketing in college. He began a career in international marketing but wasn’t fulfilled at the time. He read Rich Dad Poor Dad and was inspired to turn his focus into real estate investing. Tyler began with single-family homes but realized the advantages of scale in commercial real estate. He struggled with his first few deals in multifamily real estate but learned as much as he could. After 7 years of work, he was able to reach his goals and where he is at today.

Success Takeaway

Be resilient with how you set your goals. Kyle set attainable but large goals for himself and was able to accomplish them with hard work.

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