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Success Takeaway Saturday

The Takeaway on How To Really Find Unlimited Success Through Real Estate with, Sterling White [WJ175]

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Photographer: Breno Assis | Source: Unsplash

Sterling grew up in a dangerous neighborhood as a child with rough life experiences. These events motivated him to create more in his life. He fell in love with real estate in the early 2000s and devoted his time to it. Without much money for investing, Sterling turned to a mentor for advice. He worked for his mentor for free which led him into investments and to learning the industry. After learning the ropes, Sterling separated from his mentor and scaled his single-family portfolio. After several years, he turned to the multifamily world where he was able to scale his business even larger where he owns over 400 units valued at almost $19 million.

Success Takeaway

Start with the mindset and invest in yourself.

Innovative Ways To Finding Spectacular Deals, with Bruce Wuollett Takeaway [WJ176]

Bruce grew up in the bakery business where he learned the ins and outs of running a business. Through his professional life, he tried many different avenues but got tired of the grind. He read rich dad poor dad and his mindset changed forever. He began investing in single-family homes in the early 2000s and developed multiple streams of income through real estate. Evolving with the markets, Bruce shifted into multifamily investing and began scaling his portfolio. Today he strategically finds his investments and plans to hold them long term for generational wealth.

Success Takeaway

Be persistent and follow through. Bruce was persistent in finding his investments and doing what was necessary to make them the best investments for his business.

This Is What Will Make You A Success At A Young Age, with Nicole Christie [WJ177]

Photographer: Jacques Bopp | Source: Unsplash

While Nicole was in college she bought a home and house hacked the home with several roommates. This house brought her income and she was hooked! She refinanced the home she was living in and used that money to purchase her next investment while still in college! After college, she got her real estate license and began flipping homes. With a little assistance from her family, she was able to flip a home and make a $60,000 profit. This success leads to more passion and drives for the business where she has bought even more investments. Nicole has built her own business within a few short years and plans to scale her business through buying and hold properties.

Success Takeaway

Take action. Nicole didn’t let the excuse of her being in college prevent her from taking action. She bought a house and began her journey at just 21 years old.

An Aerospace Engineers Unexpected New Life Of Wealth, with Ali Boone [WJ178]

Ali went to years of school to become an aerospace engineer. On the first day of her brand new job, Ali realized that this was not what she wanted to do. She spent the next several years discovering new business ideas and how to make money. Ali discovered real estate and pursued her new passion. After learning as much as she could, she took the leap of faith and left her high paying job. It started out very slow for Ali but after just 3 years, she was able to reach 6 figures and live the life she dreamed of.

Success Takeaway

Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade shoes with.

How To Podcast Your Way To Success, with Kelly Glover Takeaway [WJ179]

Photographer: Dan LeFebvre | Source: Unsplash

Kelly went the traditional college route and got her media degree. She then took her talents to Hollywood where she worked in the radio and media industry for several years. In 2007 Kelly discovered podcasting when the industry was very new. After years of experience in the podcasting world and seeing it develop, Kelly decided to create her own business helping podcast guests create their brand and get on the most beneficial podcasts for their brand. Kelly has had huge success through this business and shares all the key points to being a successful podcast guest.

Success Takeaway

Get your personal brand in order, cross-check and verify

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