Today on Wealth Junkies, we recap the prior week's interviews and give our success takeaway from each interview.

Success Takeaway Saturday 25

Real Estate Strategies You Need That Will Unlock Wealth, With Anthony Scandariato [WJ168]

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Photographer: Toa Heftiba | Source: Unsplash

Anthony worked in real estate sponsorship for a firm where he met a former NFL player. The two decided to open up their own firm and after establishing their business they bought 70 properties of their own. Anthony eventually was able to leave his W2 job to pursue this full time. In December 2019, he and his partner were able to close on a $5.5M deal and quickly got another property under contract while in the process of closing. Anthony uses his professional network to raise money for these deals and his goals to scale the acquisition business with his partners.

Success Takeaway

Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger!

How To Sleep Better For A Results Filled Life, With Mollie McGlocklin [WJ169]

Mollie’s been a serial entrepreneur for several years, but struggled from terrible sleep behaviors. She wasn’t able to sleep and this caused health problems for her. Eventualy, she struggled to sleep for more than an hour or two a night for over 3 months. Mollie decided to study about chronobiology and circadian rhythm optimization. After a few short months, she was able to fix her sleeping problems and developed a sleeping skill set. Now she teaches others as she started her own business on helping others optimize their sleep patterns and wake and shut down the body naturally.

Success Takeaway

There's an opportunity in every hardship.

The Best Business Strategies To Really Crush Your Profit, With Greg Shepard [WJ170]

Photographer: Joshua Earle | Source: Unsplash

Greg came from a very poor family, but he grew up to be something amazing. During his 25-year business career, he's built 12 companies on his own, and he's invested in several others. After a successful business career, he decided he wanted to give back something to entrepreneurs like himself. He built the BOSS system. He goes more into details about it in the show, but BOSS is a framework that entrepreneurs can follow to lead them along a path to a successful business. Greg saw many businesses fail and aims to address the different stages where your business could fail and how to avoid that.

Success Takeaway

Failures are the stepping stones to success. Success comes with some education, but failures come with more.

How Humbling Opportunities Can Energize Your Life, With Ben Muresan [WJ171]

Ben was born in socialist Romania. He and his family fled to Canada when he was 6 years old. While living in Canada, he learned that if he wanted things to happen in his life, he had to create it for himself. Ben wanted to have his own business and started a cleaning company. Along with that he was studying real estate as well. Even though he had no money, he was able to buy a duplex with creative financing. With the new techniques he learned in the creative financing world, he was able to buy two more duplexes the same way. Ben now helps other real estate investors utilize creative financing and give opportunities to new homeowners like himself.

Success Takeaway

Don't accept your oppression, conquer your limiting beliefs.

Entrepreneur Secrets You Need To Know, With Tyler Weaver [WJ172]

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Photographer: Guillaume TECHER | Source: Unsplash

Tyler Weaver has always been an entrepreneur and he started building websites at age 17. He had his own online business that he was attempting to scale, but it failed. Instead, he decided to begin freelancing in his spare time on web design. While in college, he was introduced to real estate. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he ended up buying his first house hack and learn the ins and outs of renting a home. Tyler was doing well in the real estate industry but worked full time on an internet marketing business that grew to over $10 million a year in revenue. Unfortunately his business was really reliant on Facebook and after the algorithm changed the business had to shut down almost immediately. Tyler decided he's going to return to real estate and now he's built a single-family portfolio is looking to get into commercial construction.

Success Takeaway

Focus on one aspect of your life or business and improve on that every day.

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