Today we recap the prior week's interviews and give our success takeaway from each interview. We hope you didn’t miss out on any of them!

Success Takeaway Saturday

Better Ways To Invest In Real Estate That Will Skyrocket Success, With Seth Ferguson [WJ161]

Photographer: Precondo CA | Source: Unsplash

Seth had dreams to become a professional hockey referee and worked in 7 different hockey leagues full time. While in his 20’s, he got into the real estate world as a real estate broker but wanted to acquire more assets. He began with purchasing single-family homes and duplexes. This went well for him for several years until his son was born and he realized he needed to scale to create more wealth. He discovered multifamily assets and began learning as much as he could about it. He purchased his first 278 unit multifamily asset in October of 2019 and is on track for even more!

Success Takeaway

You cant be successful if you don’t take any action. Stop thinking about it and just do it! Seth didn’t let setbacks keep him from taking action. He found his wealth-building strategy and took action!

Takeaway on Powerful Student Loan Hacks That Will Save Years Of Debt, With Robert Farrington [WJ162]

student loan debt takeaway
Photographer: Dmitry Demidko | Source: Unsplash

Robert started blogging about stock investing and money-saving tips while still in college. One of the topics he chose to write about was student loans due to him being $43k in student loan debt. These blogs eventually went viral which he was able to turn from side hustle to a full-time business. Robert took these ideas and turned them into a company that helps people navigate their student loan debt and choose their best option. Robert’s goal is to implement more programs that help student loan borrowers

Success Takeaway

Get organized, get a plan, keep your finances in order and set limits for yourself. These strategies will make it easier for you to make payments and stress-free.

How To Build A Better Crossfit Gym That Will Survive A Crisis, With Scott McAlee Takeaway [WJ163]

Crossfit Gym Workout Setup
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Scott has been in the fitness industry since 2006 and has worked in the corporate gym system for many years. He worked his way up from personal trainer to a director role. He was making good money but disliked the corporate gym industry. In 2008, he was introduced to CrossFit by his brother and the two began the regimen and fell in love with it. After several years of brainstorming opening his own gym, a fitness client of his offered to invest in opening a gym with Scott. In 2014, Crossfit Durable was founded and has been able to provide functional fitness to a great community! During COVID-19 Scott has improvised and kept his business alive with new strategies from online coaching to renting out gym equipment to his clients. Scott has goals of expanding and creating a more individualized approach to his coaching.

Success Takeaway

Some action is better than no action. Doing something every day to progress towards your goal will get you there faster than doing nothing at all.

Takeaway on Power Dynamics That Will Make Or Destroy Your Business, With Andy Wallace [WJ164]

Instagram - @PerryGrone
Photographer: Perry Grone | Source: Unsplash

Andy has a background in power based crime intervention which is a crime a person believes they have the right to exercise power in the form of control over someone. Today, he has translated that into the business world where he helps corporate managers and small business understand what power is. The way you perceive power and how it was used upon you is how you will exercise your power. Andy stresses 3 major points a leader should focus on; mission, purpose and identity. Then there are 5 branching sections outside of those. The benefit of implementing this system is improved retention, less turn over, and improved morale. Andy helps bring businesses in crisis and turn them to successful companies.

Success Takeaway

Know yourself because buried deep inside you you’re going to find those truths that are going to unlock your unique potential.

How To Profit From The Best Virtual Assistants, With Daniel Ramsey [WJ165]

There is no substitute for hard work.― Thomas A. Edison
Photographer: Andrew Neel | Source: Unsplash

Daniel had been fired from every job he had ever had. He graduated from college with a finance degree and bounced around from job to job in the banking system. One day, he decided he was going to quit the corporate world and make it on his own. He got involved in some real estate and made good money doing it. He was able to build a real estate business and utilized virtual assistants for a lot of the work he was doing to free up his time. The real estate market hit a downturn and Daniel decided to focus more on his Virtual Assistant business idea. He was able to build MyOutDesk which brings long term virtual assistant professionals to businesses to free up their time and resources.

Success Takeaway

Get into action! This is the only way to learn and create success.

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