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Success Takeaway Saturday

Takeaway on How To Go From Financially Broken To An Unstoppable Life, With Agostino Pintus [WJ147]

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Agostino was born in Canada to parents who were immigrants and did not have much growing up. One thing he did receive was the entrepreneur mindset at a young age from his parents. After college, he went to corporate America and reached a C-Level executive position. He was making great money and things were going really well until he was let go from his job. This spiraled him into what he calls his 10 dark years. He became involved in real estate which turned his life around and was able to help people through it and this is when he discovered multifamily real estate. He started with small properties and was able to scale to larger units. Today, Agostino has goals of continuing to acquire properties and help as many people as he can along the way!

Success Takeaway

Find your direction and take action. Agostino found his direction in multifamily real estate and took action to make a better life for himself.

Student Loan Secrets You Need To Know, With Travis Hornsby [WJ148] Takeaway

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Travis went to college and wanted to be a PHd economist but quickly realized he didn’t like the curriculum and became a bond trader instead. With the hot market during the time, he was able to quit his job with a six-figure amount of assets. After getting married, his wife came to him with student loan questions and troubles. He was able to help her and some of her friends plan out their student loans and provide the best solutions for their repayments. This sparked a light bulb in Travis’ head. He began blogging about student loan strategies and repayment options which eventually went viral. With all the confusing and complicated programs out there, Travis set out to bring the solutions to his clients problems! Today, he is able to help clients save around $50,000 on a $250k student loan debt. Want to learn how you can manage your student loans better? Check out his site, studentloanplanner.com

Success Takeaway

Travis has a 1 to 5 rule. You need 1 to 5 times your annual spending in accessible funds. Once this is accomplished, bet on yourself and take a risk on what you really want to do!

Takeaway on Pioneering A Breakthrough In The Options Trading World, With Tom Sosnoff [WJ149]

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Tom went the traditional college route and got a political science degree. He then began working on a Wall Street Brokerage firm and shortly after relocated to Chicago on the trading floor of the CBOE. While he was there he saw many of his counterparts fail but he was one of the few who didn’t. After several years in this industry, he built his own company called, thinkorswim. This was an innovative idea he had and had never been done or seen before. Tom built an amazing platform which changed the world of option trading through technology. In 2008, thinkorswim reached a value of one billion dollars and he eventually sold the business to TD Ameritrade for $750 million. After the sale, he didn’t stop there. He began working on a new platform, Tastytrade and Tastyworks. Today, tastytrade and tastyworks is the world leader in options trading education, community and platform with millions of users.

Success Takeaway

Whoever has the ability to process decisions the fastest will be the most successful. This doesn’t mean just jump to an answer without thought. Think through the decision but be quick and deliberate with it.

How To Really Boost Your Financial Intelligence, With Henry Daas [WJ150]

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Henry worked as a computer programmer for many years and at the age of 30 started a side hustle as an Apple reseller. After 18 months, he decided to leave his W-2 job and be an entrepreneur. It started slow for him but after just 3 years, he was able to reach his financial goals. Unfortunately, the dot-com bubble burst led his business to trouble and Henry realized he wanted to create a purposeful business. This is when he began coaching other business owners and entrepreneurs to scale and grow their business. He uses a model, CODFISH, which are the 7 pillars every business needs!

Success Takeaway

Pay attention to risk, it isn’t everything, it is the only thing. Henry studied the risks he was taking and knew when the right time to take action was. Study your risk and take action when its appropriate.

How To Profit From Life's Tough Conversations, With David Wood [WJ151] Takeaway

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David’s career began as an actuary and in his mid twenties, a friend suggested he get into a personal growth program to help him with his personal life. After this program, he realized the importance of self care and began helping others. While coaching others and seeing their change, he knew he needed to be true to himself, so he quit his day job and focused on his coaching. After 3 years of hard work, he reached his financial goals. He has created many products for helping people find their true meaning and answer the tough conversations that are holding them back from growth.

Success Takeaway

Have the tough conversations with yourself. Answering these questions and addressing the issues in your life will bring clarity and lead you down the path to success.

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