Today on Wealth Junkies, we recap the prior week's interviews and give our success takeaway from each interview. We hope you didn’t miss out on any of them!

Success Takeaway Saturday

The Takeaway from the Adam Beckstedt Interview [WJ140]

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Adam built a long career in the automotive industry and scaling the family business. He expanded from one location to 3 total locations and was presented an opportunity to sell the business, which he did. With a passion for real estate during these times, Adam shifted his focus into this industry. After fixing and flipping a few single family homes, Adam knew in order to scale, he needed to go bigger. He learned everything he could about apartments and began purchasing his own apartment deals. Today, he has 4 properties under contract, totaling over 500 units and serves as an asset manager within his business.

Success Takeaway

Be persistent. Adam was persistent in his learning of the multifamily industry and sought out the answers to things he didn’t know.

Summary of the Interview with Julian Hayes II [WJ141]

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Julian never had healthy habits growing up and seeing older and healthier people in his life inspired him to want to be a doctor. After beginning his path to becoming a doctor, he quit after just 1 year. He found a new passion in writing about health and fitness. He began writing as much as possible and publishing his articles wherever he could. Eventually he had the opportunity to be published in Entrepreneur Magazine which helped his business. Today, he runs and advisory firm which helps business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals through systems-based thinking, genomics and epigenetics.

Success Takeaway

No matter what you decide to do, do it 100%. Julian knew he wanted to be a difference-maker in the health and fitness industry and he didn’t let rejection change his mind.

Success Takeaway with Adam Southey and Justin Sliva [WJ142]

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Adam and Justin were high school friends and went to college together. After college, they chose different career paths but worked a few side hustles together. After working in the real estate industry for 15 years he discovered land investing about 4 years ago. Finding success in this type of investing, Adam influenced Justin to join him after being laid off from his current job. Today, the two buy and flip raw land from the comfort of their homes. They have been able to automate their systems and teach want to be investors how they can reap massive returns on raw land investments.

Success Takeaway

It all starts at starting. Once you decide to take that first step, that is when your future is made. Don’t give up with what you are doing even if it gets tough. Adam and Justin faced many hard times but knew they couldn’t give up on what they had started.

Summary of the Brad Cote Interview [WJ143]

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Brad has been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 13 years. He has served clients ranging from private clients to NFL and NHL players. Brad knew in order to scale his business, he needed to own and operate his own gym and systematize and automate how he did business. Brad has developed the best practices for operating a gym and coaches aspiring fitness entrepreneurs on how they can increase revenue and decrease the amount of time working in the business.

Success Takeaway

Think about the problem you are solving and why you are doing It in the first place. Brad knew that personal trainers worked tirelessly and endless hours. He set out to change this practice and help the fitness industry as a whole.

Success Takeaway from the Miguel Pires Interview [WJ144]

Photographer: Krisztian Tabori | Source: Unsplash

Miguel grew up in the restaurant industry with his family owning a restaurant. He spent his early years working in all facets of the business and learning the ins and outs of owning a restaurant. After graduating college, Miguel returned to the restaurant industry and eventually went out on a limb and opened up his own restaurant, Zandra’s Taqueria. About 7 months in, Miguel finally caught a break after being featured on the local news and his restaurant became a local hot spot. After his business became a proven success, he was able to open two more locations and has exceeded many of his goals that he set.

Success Takeaway

Have confidence in yourself and ride the ship as best as you know. Miguel had confidence that his restaurant idea would be successful. He stuck out the hard times and eventually the tables turned for him and the business reached success!

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