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Success Takeaway Saturday 20

The Takeaway from the Mike Pachan Interview [WJ133]

success in CBD industry
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In the Monday episode, we had an interview with Mike Pachan. 10 years ago, Mike took a well well-paying job in Atlanta, and shortly after he realized that this job was not for him. He had the opportunity to move to Colorado and work at a ski resort selling rental equipment. He packed up everything he had moved across the country and even took a 70% pay cut. While in Colorado, he came across a marijuana CBD and hemp dispensary industry and he knew he could make an impact in that industry. He opened up his own dispensary and began helping others other dispensaries to perform better. In 2015, he was able to raise $8 million for a new product centered around CBD. Today, Mike has created his own company called Mountain Made which sells CBD products online and wholesale.

Success Takeaway

Fall down seven, stand up eight!

Success Takeaway from the Josh Dick Interview [WJ134]

I had a friend define success for me recently saying, “Success is having deep and meaningful relationships.”  This photo represents community, friendship, and deep rooted relationships.  I love coffee, but coffee together is something entirely different.
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The Tuesday episode was with Josh Dick. Josh was an investment banker earlier in his career, and although he was successful, he wanted to change paths from finance to marketing. So began his marketing career in the family business to help revitalize it. The family business had seven different products and was very fragmented. So Josh knew in order to be successful, he had to focus on just one product. And so he chose the product and it was a coffee machine cleaner. Josh was able to grow this business reaching over 70 different countries across the world. He faced many logistical challenges growing overseas, this led him to write his first book “Grow like a lobster”. After many years of hard work, Josh eventually has got an offer he couldn't refuse and he sold the business. Today he resides in Italy with his family and has the freedom to watch his family grow.

Success Takeaway

Don’t focus on the sale, focus on loving your job!

Summary of our Interview with David Greene [WJ135]

On a call to success
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We talked to David Greene on Wednesday’s episode and he shared a real success takeaway. David was a deputy sheriff starting in 2006. He right away started to save up money to purchase his own property. David was presented with an opportunity to purchase his first investment as s friend was about to lose his deposit on a house due to moving. David purchased the home for a great deal. He started to rent the house but in his words he did everything wrong. After learning how to do it better, David bought two more homes and hired a property manager and it started to work out for him. He continued to grow after this and Dave knew that the more he worked his full-time job, the more money he could use towards investment properties. He was working a lot of overtime and unfortunately, this took a toll on his health. So eventually David left law enforcement and pursued real estate. After being interviewed on the BiggerPockets podcast, David created a friendship with the host and was able to fill a vacancy in the show. Today David is a well-known expert in the real estate industry and has started his own mortgage company. He hosts his own mastermind has goals of selling $50 million worth of real estate and in the future.

Success Takeaway

Raise the standard of what you expect from yourself!

The Takeaway from the Peter Klamka Interview [WJ136]

Welcome to las vegas
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On Thursday we had an interview with Peter Klamka. Peter spent 20 years of his life in traditional finance in New York City. In 2013, Peter was introduced to Bitcoin but he didn't have a whole lot of interest in it at that time. However by 2016, he became burnt out with his job and decided to move to Las Vegas to try out Bitcoin after all. After moving to Vegas, Peter created his own cryptocurrency called More Coin. It is a membership-based cryptocurrency that rewards members. Member can gain access to luxurious Las Vegas experiences and better deals in the nightclubs, car rentals, dinners, reservations and more. Peter has an excellent connection with the local bars and helps them fill their empty seats. He also relies a lot on his network and his celebrity connections like 21 savage Cardi B and the UFC to attract more members. Today More Coin has over 6000 members and operates in Las Vegas, Hollywood, and London. With hopes to grow and expand in more territories, Peter decided to take his ventures to the next level with a ghost kitchens startup. Ghost kitchens are white-label, home food delivery services. Listen to the episode to learn more!

Success Takeaway

Network is everything

Summary of our interview with D Arlando Fortune [WJ137]

Two open books
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And finally a summary and the takeaway from Friday’s episode with D Arlando Fortune. D Arlando graduated from Howard University in DC with a full athletic scholarship in baseball. Although he had the opportunity to play semi-professionally, decided to choose a secure job with the government. His high paying job however, led him down the path of partying and drugs. Unfortunately, Fortune found himself in jail and facing up to 12 years in prison due to these habits. During his time in jail, he got clean and found his passion for writing books. After getting out, he published his first book in just 18 months. D Arlando found several ways to repurpose content and it led to one of his books, which he wrote in just four hours. He goes into more detail in the episode on how you can also create your own book. Today, Fortune coaches other entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses and write their own books.

Success Takeaway

Plan, do, check and adjust!

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