Today we recap the prior week's interviews and share our success takeaway from each one. If any of these episodes catch your eye be sure to go back and give the episode a listen.

Success Takeaway Saturday 15 [WJ103]

Summary of Our Interview with Chris Roberts

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Photographer: Alex Shutin | Source: Unsplash

Chris' parents had him at age 15 and he had to learn to be independent at a young age. He then started working for a hot dog cart making $1,600 per month at age 16-17. One day, a guy comes up to him and tells him he wants to hire him because of Chris' natural ability to talk to people. Chris worked with the guy for about 3 years until the guy told him that he was wasting his talent working for him. He left the guys company but continued to work in sales before getting into real estate. He found a property under the market value but he couldn't come up with the money to buy it so he learned to live below his means. Chris then decided to get into multifamily through Michael Blank’s network. After educating himself he got a 112 unit property under contract. His current goal is to scale to thousands of units and be able to give back and impact tons of people.

Success Takeaway

Dive into each venture with all the enthusiasm you have.

Summary of Our Interview with Bunny Young

Me and my film crew were setting up for a basic interview. Before the interviewee sat down for the camera, the interviewer went over some questions with him. They proceeded to bounce ideas off of each other and had an energetic brainstorm.
Photographer: Nik MacMillan | Source: Unsplash

Bunny went to college and but she didn't want to become an entrepreneur like her parents. So, she became a therapist. She then got into organizational psychology. Before getting to far into her career, she became a stuntwoman and moved to China. After coming back to Arizona, she launched her career in organizational psych. She then got burnt out on being a therapist and started her current company called A Better Place Consulting. Bunny now provides coaching, public speaking and courses to help businesses overcome adversity, combat burnout, etc. She also wants to pursue a doctorate, and continue to grow. She is about to be on a speaking circuit and is focused on writing a book.

Success Takeaway

Try a bunch of stuff before figuring out what excites you and what you want to do long term.

Summary of Our Interview with Stuart Dukeman

An open door allowing light to shine into a dark room.
Photographer: Matthew T Rader | Source: Unsplash

At 19 Stuart is given an opportunity become the manager of a temporary staffing company far away from home. He decides to take it and moved away from Florida to Virginia, even though he knew no one there. Stuart has been living in Virginia ever since and now has 15 offices, owns 9 commercial buildings, and has created an amazing company. After the 2008 crash he realized all of his eggs were in one basket. A few years ago his son, Brandon, approached him about getting into multifamily real estate. Despite being hesitant originally Stuart is now CEO Capital Partner's CEO. He is now focused on helping other business owners/executives create passive income, while also being part of the mission at Wealth Junkies.

Success Takeaway

When opportunity knocks, open the door.

Summary of Our Interview with Caner Veli

Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez | Source: Unsplash

Caner grew up as a young entrepreneur with a bunch of different side hustles. Fast forward a few years and he's started a sustainable fashion care brand. His company helps protect people’s garments and disrupted the fashion market. He now has products in 400 stores and is still rolling. He is now looking to help other people scale their businesses by connecting them with capital or with advisers.

Success Takeaway

If you can add value with something not many others are doing, then figure out a way to do it.

Summary of Our Interview with Michael Convery

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Michael started working for a home security company doing door to door sales for a summer. It was the worst job he ever had. From there, Michael started working at Aflac. After 6 months with the company, he was at an event in 2013 and saw Tony Robbins speak. A guy came up to him and told him to go into financial services if he really wanted to be successful. Even though Michael was was one of the top agents at Aflac he'd hit a ceiling and was burnt out. He quit Aflac and started working for his dad. Michael took over the marketing of his dad's company and they doubled their business the first year going from $450k to 900k. They doubled it again the following year, and year over year since they have been having consistent, steady growth.

Success Takeaway

To succeed you must burn your ships

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