Young hustlers, psychology of sales, and extreme side hustles, we cover it all! Today we recap the prior week's interviews and share our success takeaway from each one.

Success Takeaway Saturday 14
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Summary of Our Interview with Isaac Fleming [WJ91]

After dropping out of college twice Isaac didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life. He was planning on taking a job as a train conductor but realized he couldn't live that kind of lifestyle. He had an amazing opportunity to work with Corey Peterson. Corey is a runs a massive real estate company and Isaac didn't want to let the opportunity slip through his fingers. He took the internship with Corey and quickly climbed the ranks of the company. Isaac did most of this before he was 21 and he is currently Corey's right hand man.

Success Takeaway

Getting outside of your comfort zone is going to teach you far more than watching from the side lines. If you get out of your comfort zone, make sure you stay there.

Summary of Our Interview with Alex Sanflippo [WJ92]

Alex Sanflippo has been a life long entrepreneur, he started out selling used golf balls like Wealth Junkies' own Will Harvey. When he turned Alex became fascinated with the concept of businesses so he started something more serious than golf balls. He started a business selling virtual house touring software. Alex started getting into real estate just as the 2008 housing crash happened and it forced him to sell his properties and the software he made to help make ends meet. He got a job at his Dad's company and started working part time. His Dad sold the company by Alex stuck around and worked his way up from a part time receiving position to what he is now, which is a senior executive

Success Takeaway

Get clear with what you're doing, get really focused, get clear. Make sure people understand exactly what it is that you're trying to do, and then focus on that one thing.

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Summary of Our Interview with Melina Palmer [WJ93]

After getting her undergraduate degree in marketing, Melina started working with in the marketing world. At the same time, she started searching for master's programs in behavioral economics, but this was before the field had even been born. She stayed in the marketing and business world until a few years ago. Behavioral economics had just hit the scene and she started attending a master's program. Once she graduated she left her job and started working freelance. She now owns her own consultancy business helping companies of all sizes through her psychology skills.

Success Takeaway

Pay attention, ask questions, and actually learn.

Summary of Our Interview with Jeff Redondo and Vidal Espinosa [WJ94]

Jeff grew up in a family that worked the traditional 9-5 and lived the “poor dad” lifestyle. So, Jeff started out working in the nonprofit field by fundraising. Vidal on the other hand came from a family of entrepreneurs. The “rich dad” lifestyle. Vidal’s father owned several businesses and worked as an accountant. Vidal, being the oldest son, was expected to follow in his father’s foot steps, and this is what he did. One day, Jeff and Vidal met in a bar and had a long conversation. They became friends and after Jeff was laid off from his current job, Vidal offered Jeff to join his team at the new company he was starting.

The two became partners. Unfortunately for Jeff, he had never lived the entrepreneur lifestyle and was used to the traditional 9-5 work week. The new business required many more hours and long exceeded the 9-5 work hours. But, Jeff quickly learned that owning his own business provided him much more freedom and he was able to work through it. The two are now managing partners at Invictus Advisors, a boutique financial advising company, which they started themselves.

Success Takeaway

Get rid of your ego. You can’t do everything yourself and you don’t know everything. Finding the right business partner can help your business scale to levels you couldn’t imagine.

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Summary of Our Interview with Tyler Christensen [WJ95]

At an early age Tyler knew he wanted to be a teacher. However, at the same time he realized that teachers don’t make a lot of money, so he knew he needed to find ways to fill the gaps. Tyler went to school and got several different degrees which he put to use. He became a college professor and after a very hectic lifestyle for not a lot of money, he knew he needed to branch out. He began investing in the stock market which really helped fill the gaps in his life monetarily. Tyler was determined to learn different skills so he could build businesses around them. He learned how to design websites, write books, and take his teaching skills to new levels. Tyler has been able to write several books and has his own media company.

Success Takeaway

Start now. With all these thoughts and ideas in your head, if you don’t start now, that’s all they’re going to be. Thoughts and ideas. They will never come to life if you don’t start now.

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