Today we recap the prior week's interviews and share our success takeaway from each one. If you've missed an episode that sounds interesting be sure to go back and give it a listen.

Success Takeaway Saturday [WJ68]

Summary of Our Interview with Jeff Greenberg WJ63

Success in multifamily real estate
Photographer: Raul Petri | Source: Unsplash

Jeff started out his career working in a computer lab at a private school. He'd been investing in real estate for a long time, hacking and renting single family homes. He switched jobs and started working at a tech company. Jeff realized that single family homes weren't scalable and switched to multifamily real estate. He then left his job and went full time into multifamily syndication in 2010. He has since moved on to also focus on student housing near collage campuses.

Success Takeaway

Getting into real estate isn't a 'get rich quick' method. It takes work, time, and stamina. Everything else is like that too. No matter what you're working towards, you're going to have to put in the work.

Summary of Our Interview with Rob Chevez WJ64

Rob grew up in a bunch of different countries. He got really good at making new friends and being very social. He got a job working with Alan Mertz in his insurance company. In 2005, he left Alan Mertz's company and started up his own tech company. After a few years, his partner at the company bought Rob out of the company and Rob went full bore into multifamily real estate. Since then, his real estate syndication has been very successful and is raking in deals.

Success Takeaway

It's easy to get caught up in the learning process of a business. It's okay to devote your time to preparing for something, but eventually you have to pull the trigger.

Summary of Our Interview with Eric Rosenberg WJ65

financial success
Photographer: Carlos Muza | Source: Unsplash

Eric had a very normal suburban upbringing. After graduating college, he started working as a bank manager. He found the job brutal and grueling. He had very expectations and he was sorely disappointing by the job. Eric left his job at the bank and started waiting tables. Went back to school and started working full time as a financial analyst. He graduated, then realized he should be writing financial blogs because he was much more qualified than anyone else doing it at the time. His blog took off and so did his free lance writing.

Success Takeaway

Take the time to figure out what works best for you and what isn't is very important. Just because you are doing something you like, doesn't mean that is what you should be doing.

Summary of Our Interview with Brandy Henry WJ66

Brandy started her career working at Nike after graduating from college. She managed to get through two years in the corporate world before realizing she needed to get out. She got married and started attending graduate school. After graduating she started working as a guidance consular and absolutely adored it. As her children got older she started her own company to fill her time. Now she's running a very prosperous social media company that teaches companies and individuals how to better utilize social media.

Success Takeaway

Sometimes, you just have to go for it. You shouldn't live with the regret of not trying something.

Photographer: Christian Wiediger | Source: Unsplash

Summary of Our Interview with Paul Higgins WJ67

Paul worked at Coca-Cola with his father for most of his life. HE graduated college and planned on going out and finding his dream job. Instead, he got sucked into the corporate world and lost himself in it for 9 years. After health complications and some issues on the job, he left the company. He set off and started his own professional coaching company.

Success Takeaway

Finding what feeds you, what gives you motivation to try, is what will lead you to success

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