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Success Takeaway Saturday

The Takeaway from the Corey Peterson Interview [WJ126]

success in real estate
Photographer: Adrien Olichon | Source: Unsplash

Corey didn’t go to college and started his career as a used car dealer and restaurant manager. In 2004, he met his mom’s new husband Bruce who was an accomplished real estate investor. This inspired Corey and he started his own company, Kahuna Investments. He did a couple of flips in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2005 and left his job, but his credit was bad and couldn’t take out a loan to invest more. Corey worked as a financial advisor at Edward Jones until the 2008 crash when he finally realized that his heart was with real estate. He found a mentor, Bob Norton, and learned the various ways of investing. Corey started raising private money successfully and by 2010 he seemed accomplished, but inside he wasn’t happy. He took a step back and reflected on his life and got into multifamily investing. This was so successful that now he is financially independent and his net worth is $22M.

Success Takeaway

Focus on long term wealth, not short term profit!

Summary of our Interview with Dale Majors [WJ127]

Cycling in the countryside to success
Photographer: David Marcu | Source: Unsplash

Dale grew up in Utah in a big family and he didn’t have an entrepreneurial mind as a child. It wasn’t until he was 16 and stumbled into a store that sold salvaged freight from UPS and saw how resellers worked. He found many bike parts in the store for cheap, so he started selling them on the Internet. He became successful quickly and started an eBay store with his dad selling bike parts. Their company grew steadily and eventually they sold the company. By that time it was making $10M in revenue and was one of the top 10 e-commerce retailers in cycling. Although Dale is financially independent, he is doing entrepreneurship coaching and investing in e-commerce companies.

Success Takeaway

Think bigger!

Success Takeaway from Clayton Morris [WJ128]

House in green environment
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Clayton had a negative association with money growing up, because he grew up with some limiting beliefs around wealth building. He always wanted to work in the TV world, so he started his broadcasting career right after college living in many different cities. Clayton started flipping before the 2008 crash, but he ended up having a foreclosure on his record. He even lost his job and had a hard time until he got an opportunity at the Fox network in Fox and Friends. At age 32, he decided to focus on real estate investing and building wealth so he would never have to worry about losing his job again. He became so successful in it, that he eventually left Foy and Friends to fully focus on his true passion. Clayton prefers single family over multifamily investing, and he shares with us why. His company is doing 500 ground-up houses in 2020, he has a Youtube channel where he shares all his investing secrets and he helps many young people to build wealth.

Success Takeaway

Success defined only by you!

The Takeaway from the Drew Sterrett Interview [WJ129]

Photographer: Vladimir Solomyani | Source: Unsplash

Drew worked for a US Congressman in Capitol Hill, owned and sold a retail clothing brand, and worked in real estate private equity before starting his business. In July 2017 he started LEX Markets, a new securities market. During the first year and a half he made no money but after partnering up with his brother and a close friend, they were able to raise $4.5M in capital. LEX Markets became the first and only commercial real estate securities marketplace available to nonaccredited investors, where anybody is able to buy shares of individual commercial real estate properties in $100 slices. They started working with real estate owners across the entire United States, but plan to expand globally in the future. Drew shares all about the process and how the system works in this episode.

Success Takeaway

Master and industry and then start your own ventures!

Summary of our Greg Shepard Interview [WJ130]

Stay Home sign
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Greg is a venture capitalist. He's started and sold 12 companies and had incredible success. He's got an amazing story and he also helps us to understand how COVID-19 is affecting businesses. Now with this new virus, everything is changing and moving 100 miles an hour. Listen to Friday’s episode, if you’d like to learn about this new situation and to learn about the possible effects on businesses.

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