This Sneak Peek Sunday we give you a quick peek into what's coming this week. If anything piques your interests be sure to catch the episode when it comes out! Today we are previewing the coming week's interviews!

Sneak Peek 9
Sneak Peek Sunday
Photographer: Lina Silivanova | Source: Unsplash

Multifamily Monday – Episode 63

As usual, our Monday episode centers around one entrepreneur who's business focuses on multifamily real estate. This Monday's guest started out working with computers and learning about real estate as a side business. After his boss tries to promote him that he doesn't want more responsibility at work, he wants less. He turns in his notice the same day his boss tried to promote him. He left the company he was working for and now runs a very successful investment company.

Doubling Down – Episode 64

We are doubling down on multifamily investing this week. On Tuesdays episode we have a guest who started out doing simple house hacks and running his own business. After a particularly eye-opening hack, this guest switches gears, retires from his company, and takes the plunge into multifamily real estate.

Blogging His Way To Success – Episode 65

This Wednesday we have a blogger who quit his job and found success through his blog. He worked his way up in the financial world then realized that many bloggers weren't qualified to talk about finances. He filled the niche and was able to quit his job because of it.

Ditching Corporate – Episode 66

This is a shot of the owner of New Zealand watch company - Hunters Race.
Photographer: Hunters Race | Source: Unsplash

On Thursday we talk to someone who left "Corporate America" to start a company that helps people get comfortable with social media. It is an awesome story, but she talks about almost giving up and how she got through that.

Getting Sick Then Making Sick Profits – Episode 67

Friday's guest worked with a Fortune 500 company for years but after an medical condition struck he left his job. He found success after following the entrepreneurial itch he's had his whole life. He didn't want to have to work for anyone else and now he doesn't have to.