Today we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. Here is your sneak peek for the week!

Sneak Peek Sunday
sneak peek
Photographer: paweldotio | Source: Unsplash

Sneak Peek on Real Estate Strategies You Need That Will Unlock Wealth, With Anthony Scandariato [WJ168]

Photographer: Breno Assis | Source: Unsplash

We start the week with Anthony Scandariato. He begins buying duplexes and moves up to small apartments before getting into syndication. Anthony now has over 70 units personally, 51 syndicated and 132 under contract. He was able to leave his high wage job in January and tells us all about it.

How To Sleep Better For A Results Filled Life, With Mollie McGlocklin Sneak Peek [WJ169]

Sneak peek on our Tuesday with Mollie McGlocklin. She is a digital nomad, and we talk to her about sleep, why it is so important, and how to grow your skill as a sleeper.

The Best Business Strategies To Really Crush Your Profit, With Greg Shepard Sneak Peek [WJ170]

Photographer: Danielle MacInnes | Source: Unsplash

On Wednesday our guest, Greg Shepard shares the framework and strategy for having a successful startup. He also talks about the 12 different companies that he has developed and sold.

How Humbling Opportunities Can Energize Your Life, With Ben Muresan [WJ171]

Born in Romania and forced to escape communist rule he eventually lands in Canada, where his passion for life and gratitude began. He’s now developed the largest private mortgage company in Ontario and has a mission to serve young families in homeownership and financial freedom. This comes on Thursday.

Sneak Peek on Entrepreneur Secrets You Need To Know, With Tyler Weaver [WJ172]

Photographer: Alexander Andrews | Source: Unsplash

We close the week with Tyler Weaver. A serial entrepreneur who started in web development and internet marketing turns the tables and dives into real estate investing. He now flips single-family rentals and is venturing into commercial construction with multi-million dollar goals.

See you tomorrow!