As we wrap up another outstanding week of interviews and success stories, our sneak peek is ready to give you a taste of what is to come! Today on Wealth Junkies, we preview the coming week's interviews.

Sneak Peek Sunday 8
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ClickFunnel Man [WJ56]

Ever wonder how to become better at marketing and generating sales? Our guest shares how he uses ClickFunnels to excel his multifamily real estate business. He became a military pilot a few years back, and then starts building some additional income streams as a side hustle. He is now full time in real estate and also runs a very successful marketing agency that he started.

Achieving Success [WJ57]

His dad dies when he is 19, and he later finds out that his wife is pregnant from someone else. Shortly after having a son with his new wife, he quits his job with no plan. He advises us to not die with more dreams in our heads, than memories in our hearts. This is one interview you don't want to miss!

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From the Navy to Over $20 Million Raised in Real Estate [WJ58]

This success story is an inspiring one! He dabbles in real estate while in the Navy, and in 2012 starts his investment company. 5 years later he retires to focus on real estate full time, and his group has raised over $20 million and is very successful. Be sure to check this episode out.

Place Your Trades [WJ59]

It is not just Will and Brandon here at the Wealth Junkies and CEO Capital Partners. Today we talk to our very own David Sun about how he has created multiple streams of income for himself. From real estate syndications to options trading, he has done it all.

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Houston, We Have A Success Story [WJ60]

Want to be inspired by one bad ass woman? This is the interview for you! One of the few doctors we've had on the show hones her craft working 7 years in charge of a major mission at NASA. She then decides to leave and start a consultancy focused on helping companies build internal teams.

Success Secret

"Do what others won't do today so that you can do what others cant do tomorrow."