Just a quick sneak peek at what to expect for the coming week! Today, we preview the coming week's interviews on this sneak peek Sunday and let you know what to expect.

Sneak Peek Sunday 6
Photographer: Jimmy Conover | Source: Unsplash

Multifamily Monday

This multifamily Monday we talk to a man who was deep into house hacking, but he realized that it wasn't as scalable as he hoped. He looked at his options and decided to try out multifamily syndication and after he realized that gave him the passive income he was looking for, he went all in—selling all of his single family homes to fund more syndication deals.

From Tech to Law

This interesting entrepreneur started out working at tech start ups with Elon Musk then returned to law school. After graduating he put the capital he made working in the start up industry to open his own law firm. His firm services companies world wide and supports them in their start up endeavors.

From Top to Bottom and Back Again

glasses on rock bottom
Photographer: Joshua Newton | Source: Unsplash

This interesting guest made his fortune buying multifamily properties in disrepair for dirt cheap, fixing all of their problems, then flipping them for massive profits. He did this for years until disaster struck and he lost it all. Through some hard work and a dash of luck he managed to pull himself out of bankruptcy and is back on track for success.

Blind but Unstoppable

This Thursday, our guest lost his vision as he finished college after a long battle with retinitis pigmentosa. This doesn't stop him from learning to code HTML, make his own website and start his own business. He has been on over 200 different podcasts and has his own blog. His story is inspiring and certainly worth the listen.

From the Corporate World to Beyond

Seeing beyond on sneak peek sunday
Photographer: Matthew Fassnacht | Source: Unsplash

On Friday, our guest began as a road warrior and sales rep for a company but after dragging herself across 15 states she realized she wanted something different. She discovered neuro-linguistic programming and fell in love. Quickly becoming an expert in the field and getting her master certificate in it. She now owns her own company leveraging those skills to train other business owners to help them get better at sales.