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Sneak Peek Sunday 27 [WJ188]
Photographer: Ran Berkovich | Source: Unsplash

How To Leave The Corporate World And Become An Investor, with Jens Nielsen [WJ189]

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Photographer: Tom Thain | Source: Unsplash

An immigrant from Denmark, he grinds through the corporate world until discovering multifamily real estate. Now, he has thousands of units under his belt and aims to help others reach their financial freedom goals!

The Powerful Truth Behind Massive Wealth, with Omar Khan [WJ190]

A global investor who was structured over $4 Billion in deals on the institutional side while running a private equity firm that holds real estate assets in Texas and Florida, he shares how he made it possible.

Fundamentals Of Building A Monumental Business You Need To Know, with Angelo Christian [WJ191]

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Photographer: Zac Durant | Source: Unsplash

After a near-death heart attack at a young age, he turned his life around. As the chairman and CEO of a diversified investment holdings company, he aims to change the lives of thousands through his vision.

Sneak Peek with Bill Allen Interview [WJ192]

Starting out in single-family homes due to his military service, he knew real estate was the way to financial freedom. After reaching 10 investment homes, his strategies changed and jumped into house flipping and more profitable investments.

How To Leave A Legacy That Will Make You Unforgettable, with Steve Trang [WJ193]

Photographer: Breno Assis | Source: Unsplash

Founder of the Real Estate Disruptors Movement, he trains top wholesalers in the country and aims to create 100 millionaires through his business.

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