Today we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. Don’t miss out on any of the exciting episodes! Here is your sneak peek for the week!

Sneak Peek Sunday 25

Sneak Peek of our Sterling White Interview [WJ175]

Rooftops sneak peek
Photographer: Maximillian Conacher | Source: Unsplash

On Monday we talk to Sterling White. After a rough upbringing, he amasses a 150 single family house portfolio. He then begins selling these off and shifting into multifamily after seeing the scale advantages.

Bruce Wuollett Interview Sneak Peek [WJ176]

Real estate sneak peek
Photographer: Precondo CA | Source: Unsplash

Growing up in the bakery business, he finds his passion in real estate. Generating a proven track record and acquiring thousands over units in just 16 years he shares what makes a good deal and how you can serve the residents who live in your investments.

Sneak Peek of the Nicole Christie Interview [WJ177]

Large suburban house
Photographer: Jesse Roberts | Source: Unsplash

She buys her first house at 21 and does a successful house hack. A few years later she becomes a realtor and then a few years after that she takes a leap and flips three houses. She advises us to take action and get going even when it seems overwhelming.

Ali Boone Interview Sneak Peek [WJ178]

Photographer: Breno Assis | Source: Unsplash

An aerospace engineer discovers the powerful impacts of real estate investing. She leaves her high paying job to pursue her passion and struggles until she reaches a breakthrough!

Sneak Peek on the Kelly Glover Episode [WJ179]

Podcast recording with Microphone ready.
Photographer: Robinson Recalde | Source: Unsplash

With a media career in Hollywood in the early 2000s, she earned her stripes and transitioned into podcasting full time. She develops a business that helps podcast guests perfect their interviews and find the best podcasts to be on.

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