Today we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. Here is your sneak peek of the week!

Sneak Peek Sunday
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Better Ways To Invest In Real Estate That Will Skyrocket Success, With Seth Ferguson [WJ161]

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On Monday we talk to Seth Ferguson who buys a duplex and some more single families until he realizes he needs to go bigger. He educates himself on multifamily and goes all-in on it.

Powerful Student Loan Hacks That Will Save Years Of Debt, With Robert Farrington Sneak Peek [WJ162]

Robert Farrington starts blogging in 2009 as a pure side hustle, it morphs primarily into a resource about student loans and takes off. He then leaves his day job and goes into this full time in 2017 and it takes off even further from there. The interview is coming on Tuesday.

Sneak Peek on How To Build A Better Crossfit Gym That Will Survive A Crisis, With Scott McAlee [WJ163]

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With a personal training background and years of preparation, Scott McAlee partners with a former client to open his own gym. He shares some successes and challenges and how they have adapted with COVID-19 affecting them.

Sneak Peek on Power Dynamics That Will Make Or Destroy Your Business, With Andy Wallace [WJ164]

Today we talk to Andy Wallace who has a background in power-based crime intervention. He teaches us about power dynamics and how companies are using them to their benefit or detriment.

How To Profit From The Best Virtual Assistants, With Daniel Ramsey [WJ165]

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He starts leveraging virtual assistants way before they became mainstream to serve his real estate business. After discovering the need for this on a much larger scale, he starts a company focused on helping other companies do the same.

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