Today we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. We have a lot of interesting interviews in store for you, so don’t miss out! Here is your sneak peek!

Sneak Peek Sunday 22
sneak peek
Photographer: Lina Silivanova | Source: Unsplash

A Sneak Peek on Secrets To Build A Life Of Wealth, With Jimmy Lam [WJ154]

Was photographing an event at google headquarters, kings cross london. This was an interesting view looking from 6 pancras road, over to 2 pancras road. Lots of little scenarios in each square. Found it very interesting to see all the various worlds happening simultaneously within one image.
Photographer: dylan nolte | Source: Unsplash

We start the week with an interview with Jimmy Lam. With years of commercial real estate experience, he has done it all. From sourcing, financing, development and more he has ownership in apartments, hotels, offices, industrial and retail space! Learn how you can build a life of wealth through commercial real estate.

How To Scale Your Business In A Super Way, With Super Joe Pardo [WJ155]

On Tuesday we talk to Super Joe Pardo. Working in a multi-million dollar family business, he leaves to pursue his own dreams of helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business and lifestyle of their dreams. Along the way, he builds a popular podcast conference and more!

Sneak Peek on From Failure To Success How To See Money In The Restaurant World, With Chris Perkins [WJ156]

Gourmet meal and white wine
Photographer: Jay Wennington | Source: Unsplash

Opening his first restaurant at the age of 21, he finds great success. He looks to expand his business shortly after but is met with many failures and lessons learned. Through those lessons he builds a better restaurant business and is able to find the benefits of owning his own real estate. This is coming on Wednesday.

What Happens When You Double Down On An Innovative Idea, With Rob Kessler [WJ157]

He starts his screenprinting company and sells T-shirts and scale it up to a million-dollar business. On Thursday, he talks about his main passion, his company Million Dollar Color.

Sneak Peek on Cryptocurrency Is The Secure Money Of The Future, With Jamar James [WJ158]

Bitcoin on Wood Grain
Photographer: André François McKenzie | Source: Unsplash

And we wrap up the week with Jamar James. Our guest created financial freedom for himself through cryptocurrency. On Friday we talk about why the cryptocurrency is the safest and most secure way to grow your wealth.

Tune in tomorrow!