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Sneak Peek Sunday 21
sneak peek
Photographer: Amanda Dalbjörn | Source: Unsplash

A Sneak Peek on our Multifamily Monday Episode with Agostino Pintus [WJ147]

sneak peek
Photographer: Cosmic Timetraveler | Source: Unsplash

On Monday we talk to Agostino Pintus. He is a former C-Level executive who finds great success until a spectacular failure spirals him into his 10 dark years. He eventually bounces back and finds his direction through the power of buying large real estate deals which changed his entire course of life.

Sneak Peek on the Travis Horsnby Interview [WJ148]

On Tuesday we talk to our guest who after helping his wife navigate the ridiculously complex student loan repayment options, sets out to change the system. He starts a business designed to relieve the stress of student loan repayments and bring simplicity to consumers.

Tom Sosnoff Interview Sneak Peek [WJ149]

“Saints don’t live on Park Avenue.”
Photographer: M. B. M. | Source: Unsplash

On Wednesday we talk with Tom Sosnoff. Working in the options exchange for over 20 years, he builds an innovative software platform from scratch that eventually sells to TD Ameritrade. He then builds another online financial network from scratch which is now one of the most popular innovative consumer products in the world!

Sneak Peek on the Henry Daas Interview [WJ150]

Growing up an entrepreneur, and founding many successful companies, he helps entrepreneurs scale and grows their revenue while avoiding all the classic gimmicks like ultra-pricey courses or quick hacks that never work. This is coming on Thursday.

David Wood Interview Sneak Peek [WJ151]

sneak peek
Photographer: Joshua Earle | Source: Unsplash

And we close the week with David Wood. Consulting for Fortune 100 companies for over 20 years, he sets out to be his own boss. Through life coaching, he helps business owners and entrepreneurs attack the tough conversations that we are all avoiding, to help shape your confidence, success, and relationships.

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