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Sneak Peek Sunday 20
sneak peek
Photographer: Luke Sheveland | Source: Unsplash

A Sneak Peek on How To Really Grow Wealth Through Multifamily Real Estate, With Adam Beckstedt [WJ140]

Large suburban house
Photographer: Jesse Roberts | Source: Unsplash

Adam started in the real estate industry while working a traditional nine to five job managing a multimillion-dollar company, which ends up selling and he starts to focus solely on real estate. He and his high school sweetheart tackle multifamily deals as a team and more.

Conquer Your Fitness With Precision For Results You'll Love, With Julian Hayes II [WJ141]

Our guests began his initial journey wanting to become a doctor. And after just one year this pursuit he left to pursue something even bigger than his initial dream. Today, he helps entrepreneurs and business leaders optimize their health, energy and personal performance with precision by leveraging genomics and system-based thinking.

A Sneak Peek on Affordable Raw Land Investing That Will Blow Your Mind, With Adam Southey and Justin Sliva [WJ142]

Photographer: Federico Respini | Source: Unsplash

On Wednesday we talk to two entrepreneurs that came across raw land investing, and turned it into a business. They find land all over the country. They buy it, flip it for massive profits, and they share how you can get huge returns through land investing from the comfort of your home.

How To Operate A Simplified Fitness Business For Ultimate Growth, With Brad Cote [WJ143]

On Thursday we interview Brad Cote. He's been in the fitness industry for over 12 years working with the general population and even NFL and NHL players. He owns and operates his own gyms and clinics helping clients make a massive impact on their health and well being. And he educates other fitness industry practitioners from a practical and theoretical standpoint to systemize and automate their businesses so they can double revenues and decrease their hours to have more freedom.

The Best Ways Your New Restaurant Business Can Be Successful, With Miguel Pires [WJ144]

Gourmet meal and white wine
Photographer: Jay Wennington | Source: Unsplash

Wrapping up the week with Miguel Pires. He grew up in the restaurant business and he learned the ins and outs of owning, managing and operating a restaurant. After college, he chose to start his own ala carte taco restaurant which started slowly but he caught a huge break with the business and he's been booming ever since.

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