In today's Sneak Peek episode, we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. Don’t miss out on any of them!

Sneak Peek Sunday
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A Sneak Peek on How to Succeed in the Competitive CBD Business [WJ133]

In the Monday episode, we talk with Mike Pachan. He leaves a high paying job and gets into the marijuana space back in 2010 before it was cool. He grinds it out until 2015. Since then he's had a lot of success with the 2 companies that he owns and operates, and he shares all about it.

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Sneak Peek on How to Make a Unique Family Business into a World Market Leader [WJ134]

On Tuesday we talk to Josh Dick, who builts an unsexy company that manufactures coffee machine cleaning products and he ends up selling it to a private equity firm. Then he moves his family to Italy and writes an incredible book on how to do what he did.

Pioneering The Real Estate World Sneak Peek [WJ135]

He becomes a sheriff in 2006 and saves lots of money. He then gets in at the bottom of the real estate cycle in 2010 and buys lots of houses. After this, he starts a real estate brokerage and ends up as the host of BiggerPockets. This is coming in Wednesday’s episode with David Greene.

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Cryptocurrency and Ghost Kitchens Sneak Peek [WJ136]

An interesting interview with Peter Klmka, who tells us how he's had success with night clubs and he is creating something called a "ghost kitchen" that is very innovative especially during these COVID-times.

From Drug Addiction to Incredible Success [WJ137]

And a sneak peek on Friday’s episode. We close the week with D Arlando Fortune, who shares how he got into drugs real bad and made good money that fueled his drug habit even more. Facing 12 years of prison time, he eventually gets clean and creates true success for himself. He shares how he did it.

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