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Sneak Peek Sunday 17
sneak peek
Photographer: S O C I A L . C U T | Source: Unsplash

A Sneak Peek on Multifamily Monday [WJ119]

He builds a company, sells it in his mid 30's, and "retires." He is bored out of his mind however and realizes he needs to do something. He stumbles upon commercial real estate eventually and tells us why it is The Perfect Investment.

Everything about Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights [WJ120]

On Tuesday our guest shares how he has been involved in several multi-million dollar start-ups and tells us all about that. He also shares with us the importance of patents, copyrights and trademarks, and which situations to use them in.

sneak peek
Photographer: Bram Naus | Source: Unsplash

The $12MM+ VA Company Sneak Peek [WJ121]

He hated the idea of working for someone else, so he starts selling things on the internet. He fails many times before having success with baby products. Then he starts a vetted virtual assistant company that he ultimately sells for a nice number. He tells us all about it.

Helping Teachers and Building a Company [WJ122]

A sneak peek on Thursday's episode. Our guest talks about how he started a record label and then got into online marketing. These never took off however and he hit a low point in his life. He then got roped into something by an old partner and has a vision that it can change the world.

sneak peek
Photographer: Cosmic Timetraveler | Source: Unsplash

An Incredible Real Estate Success At Just 20 Years Old [WJ123]

On Friday we talk to a 20-year-old who is crushing it. He gets into wholesaling and flipping before starting to transition his mindset into multifamily. He shares some early successes and failures and dispels the myth that you can't be successful at a young age.

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