Another Sneak Peek into this week's interviews! Today we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. Listen now!

Sneak Peek Sunday 15
sneak peek
Photographer: Nourdine Diouane | Source: Unsplash

Multifamily Monday – [WJ105]

He starts investing in real estate in 2013 purely as a side hustle, buying turn-key single family properties in the midwest. A couple years later he wanted to make a career change and he stumbled on the concept of multifamily and that is when the light bulb went off. Now he is full time in it.

Building Your Brand – [WJ106]

He went to college and started in sales while there, and he realized he had a passion for it and the psychology behind it (sales). This leads to him eventually starting a B2B sales consultancy that is very successful. There is also a fire alarm that goes off a few times during the interview so listen for that!

Pebble stacks
Photographer: Andrik Langfield | Source: Unsplash

Making It Happen – [WJ107]

He goes into accounting until he gets bored of it. A buddy then ropes him into an internet startup that eventually fails after 6 months. He goes back to school after this and meets his now business partner. They hit their stride when they create a mattress review platform among other things.

Air BnB Sneak Peek – [WJ108]

Today our guest shares how he acquired several houses, gets rocked by the 2008 recession, and then gets into Airbnb. He teaches us how to own Airbnb rentals without owning any property.

House in green environment
Photographer: Wynand van Poortvliet | Source: Unsplash

Passive Income – [WJ109]

He came to San Francisco 22 years ago from Ukraine, and after his english improved, he went into "corporate America." This never fulfilled him however so he tries out many things, eventually landing on insurance and real estate.