Today on this Sneak Peek Sunday we preview the coming week's interviews and let you know what you can expect. Make sure you catch any episodes that catch your eye.

Sneak Peek Sunday 14
sneak peek multifamily
Photographer: Ross Joyner | Source: Unsplash

Multifamily Monday [WJ98]

Our Monday guest started working for a hot dog cart at age 16-17. One day, a man tells him he wants to hire him because of our guest's natural speaking abilities. Our guest went to work for the man for three years. He then left the company and started getting into real estate. After some more time he pivots heavily into multifamily real estate.

Therapy, Stunts, and Consulting [WJ99]

Photographer: Danielle MacInnes | Source: Unsplash

On Tuesday we have a guest who went to college but didn't want to be an entrepreneur. She becomes a therapist instead. Then She decided to become a stuntwoman. After living in another country for awhile she came back to Arizona and then launched her career in organizational psych. She then started her current consulting company, providing coaching, public speaking and courses to help businesses overcome adversity, combat burnout, etc.

EPISODE 100!!! Wealth Junkies Own [WJ100]

sneak peek real estate
Photographer: Tierra Mallorca | Source: Unsplash

At 19 our guest was presented an opportunity to manage a temporary staffing company far away from home. He took the job and moved to Virginia from Florida. He has been there ever since and now has 15 offices, 9 commercial buildings, and has created an amazing company. After the 2008 crash he realized that all of his eggs were in one basket. Fast forward to a few years ago, his son approached him about getting into real estate and while our guest initially didn’t want to get involved he joined CEO Capital Partners.

Fashion [WJ101]

sneak peek fashion
Photographer: Lauren Fleischmann | Source: Unsplash

Our Thursday guest grew up as a young entrepreneur with a bunch of different side hustles. Fast forward a few years and he's started a sustainable fashion care brand. His product protects people’s garments and is in over 400 stores. He is now looking to help other people scale their products and business by helping them get connected with capital or with whoever can advise them in the right direction.

Doubling the Growth [WJ102]

sneak peek growth
Photographer: Ravi Roshan | Source: Unsplash

For Friday our guest worked for a home security company doing door to door sales for a summer. It was the worst job he ever had. He started working at Aflac but hit a ceiling. At 24 he decides to quit and go work for his dad. He had a marketing background so took over this aspect of his dad’s business and they doubled their business the first year going from $450k to 900k, doubled it again the following year, and year over year since they have been having consistent, steady growth.