Today on the show, we talk to our very own Will Harvey about how drugs and alcohol brought him to a horrible place. We then hear about how by the grace of God he got out of it and started accumulating real estate.

Rock Bottom to Wealth Junky,with Will Harvey

Key Points from Rock Bottom to Wealth Junky, with Will Harvey

rock bottom to wealth junky
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  • Always had the entrepreneurial itch
  • He would pick vegetables from his mother's garden then sell them on the side of the street
  • While he was still young, his house backed up to a public golf course so he would pick up the golf balls people shanked into the woods. Then he would sell them at the private golf course where people had more money
  • Once he got older people stopped buying from him because he wasn't the same cute little kid anymore and he needed a new way to start making wealth
  • Started cutting lawns, became a broker on eBay and started selling things for other people
  • When he was still in high school he went on a family cruise and had alcohol for the first time
  • The taste of alcohol led him to harder and harder drugs
  • By his senior year he was smoking weed before school everyday and taking Ambien and painkillers
  • Went away to college and got a marijuana possession charge and hid it from his parents
  • He missed the drug test and he got put on probation then he started faking other drug tests so he wouldn't have to change his life style
  • Had a couple of bed experiences and realized he needed to get sober
  • Managed to get sober before new years 2012-2013 and started going to AA meetings
  • The only thing that kept him sober was his Christian faith
  • Dropped out of school and got into the mortgage business
  • Couldn't get into real estate because of his low income, so he gets his dad to help him buy a house and rents out the rooms
  • Got into sales and his income went up so he started investing deeper into real estate
  • Will learned that single family houses aren't as scalable and shifted to commercial properties
  • Came together with the other members of CEO Capital Partners and formed the company in 2019
Moments of Truth Graphic
Moments of Truth Graphic
  • Who is your success role model? His father
  • What is your biggest success? Managed to convince a family to refinance their house really early in his career, even though it didn't seem like the were going to go for it
  • What does a typical day for you look like? Get up at 5:15 a.m., does a quasi version of the morning miracle, read some of the bible, starts working at 7:00 a.m., write some notes, work for 10-14 hours, plan the next day, then start it all over again
  • What is your favorite quote? "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" -Mike Tyson
  • What are you hobbies? He's an adrenaline junkie so anything that can give him a rush, like buying a flame thrower
  • Whats the best business book that you have read? Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could provide our listeners with about achieving success, what do you think it would be? Don't ask unqualified people to give you advice

About our Host and Guest, Will Harvey

Will Harvey

After battling drug and alcohol addiction in his late teens, Will played college football until an injury prevented him from continuing. He then started his career in the mortgage business and won National Rookie of the Year in 2017 and operated in the top 5% at one of the largest retail home lenders in the country. In 2019 he walked away from this multiple 6-figure job because he wanted to focus on creating legacy wealth for himself and his family. He now focuses on real estate full-time, owning over $1,500,000 in personal real estate and is a co-owner of CEO Capital Partners, a real estate acquisition company focused on multifamily apartments.


An Intro to Wealth

Straight to Wealth
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Will always has had the entrepreneurial itch, even as a child. When he was about 6 or 7 years old he would dig up vegetables from his mother's garden and sell them. He would go out to the side of the road and sell them to people as they went buy. Will's sure the only reason people ever bought any of them was because he was just a cute little kid. But, this led him to his next introduction to wealth: his house backed up against a public golf course. The golf course was frequented by people who weren't the best golfers, to put it lightly, so Will's backyard would be full of golf balls. He would clean up the balls and take them across the street to a private golf course, where he could sell the golf balls and lemonade to the richer golfers across the street.

Once Will got a little older, people stopped buying his golf balls and lemonade because he wasn't a little kid anymore. Will started mowing lawns and actually became a broker for people on eBay. He ended up selling a motorcycle, a car, and a bunch of other stuff while still in middle school. He actually made a lot of money doing this despite his young age. Why people trusted a middle-schooler to sell their vehicles? He doesn't know, but they did and he didn't complain.

The Decline

Adrenaline Junkie
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While in high school, he became a big adrenaline junkie. He raced dirt bikes and started snowboarding, which started to fed his growing addictive personality and extreme nature. While he was still in high school, he went on a cruise with his family and has his first experience with alcohol. Once he got that first buzz, he knew he wanted to chase that feeling forever. Soon thereafter, he was smoking weed and taking painkillers. By the time he was a senior in high school, he was smoking weed everyday before school and taking ambien along with pain killers. He would be blacked out all day and wasn't functioning very highly, but he managed to finish high school.

The Decline, Continued

After he graduated, he left home and started going to college in South Carolina. Without his parents to keep him on track he started to spiral. Within his first month of college he got hit with a marijuana possession charge. He managed to keep it hidden from his parents but it was a nightmare. Unfortunately, Will missed a drug test and was put on probation.

After he was put on probation he had more drug tests but he started cheating the system. He would bring in other people's pee and swap their samples for his. This meant he never had to change his lifestyle or work on his drug addiction. Instead, Will's struggle with addiction got worse. He started getting into cocaine. He actually tried cocaine the same day Whitney Houston died.

Getting Out

After a series of extremely bad black outs, Will decided it was time to get sober. He dropped out of school and got sober right before New Year's day in 2012 to 2013 and has been attending AA meetings since. Will credits his faith in god for his ability to stay sober. He has an amazing support system and sponsor that help him to this day.

After dropping out, Will had reached a turning point in his life. He had to turn his focus from drugs and alcohol to something else. So, he started to get really into football and getting in shape. He managed to get through walk-on's at a school in Ohio after being sober for about a year and a half. He stayed there, going to school and playing football for awhile until he had to get double hip surgery. After his surgery he returned home to recover.

Getting Up Towards Wealth

Firing up
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Once he got home, he realized that he didn't want to go back to school. Many of the people in his life were really against that idea and they told him as much. The more people in his life told him he had to go back to school if wanted any kind of shot at wealth, the less he wanted to go back. So he ended up with a chip on his shoulder because he knew he didn't want to go back and he wanted to get out into the world.

He had a family friend help get him into a mortgage business. He got an interview with the company and, even though he showed up in shorts, he got the job. Will wanted to jump right into sales but his boss made him sit down and learn the business first. He was given a small salary but in his training he realized the power of real estate. Will knew that he wanted to start in real estate but he couldn't afford anything in Northern Virginia on his small salary.

His First Foray into Real Estate and Wealth

This pushed him to enlist his Dad's help to get a single family home that he started living in and renting out the extra rooms. After his renters covered the mortgage for the first month, a light bulb went off in his head and he realized that he needed to accumulate more properties because that is how you build wealth. Once he finished his training, he started putting in a lot of work to be successful as a loan officer. Will was only being payed commission which meant it was feast or famine for him. But because of all of his hard work as a loan officer he had a windfall of cash. He was still living well below his means and save as much money as he could. When he finally had a lot of cash in the bank, he bought his next house.

He started renting out the rooms in that house. Then he did the same exact thing again, buying another house and renting out the rooms. After buying his third house, Will realized that buying and renting out single family homes wasn't as sustainable and scalable as he thought. So, he started looking into other real estate options and settled on commercial real estate.

Growing His Wealth

Will started learning everything he possibly could about commercial real estate. Reading every book, listening to every podcast and absorbing as much as he could. He realized that the market is very tight for commercial real estate, sellers are getting pretty much whatever they want. Will put everything he had into making deals work and talking to brokers but didn't really end up anywhere. He was just spinning his wheels.

After a few months of talking, the people who are now CEO Capital Partners came together. It was over a deal for a property in Virginia Beach. Even, though that deal ended up being killed it brought everyone together. Afterwards, they all came together and decided that they wanted to band together, and then CEO Capital Partners was founded. After a lot of work, they now have deals in Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Orange reflective architecture
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The Future

Right now, Will is looking for new ways forward for himself and the company. He sees this podcast as a possible path to generate wealth for himself and for other. It is a worthy usage of his time, money, and resources. He is going to continue with CEO Capital Partners looking for deals and ways to raise money to buy those assets as they come along.

He is currently working with a friend of his who is into mining crypto-currency. Will plans on working with this friend to establish a place on his properties where the friend can set up his mining rigs to help establish a passive source of income. Will is always on the look out for ways to grow his wealth through multiple streams of income.