Today we talk to Andy Wallace who has a background in power-based crime intervention. He teaches us about power dynamics and how companies are using them to their benefit or detriment.

Power Dynamics That Will Make Or Destroy Your Business

Key Points on Power Dynamics That Will Make Or Destroy Your Business

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  • Andy has a background in power-based crime intervention. Power-based crime is a crime where the person believes they have the right to exercise power in the form of control over someone else.
  • He translated that to the business world and helps corporate managers and small businesses understand what power is.
  • According to Andy, if you're a boss, a manager, or a leader, the way you exercise your positional power is determined in large part by how you saw it was used towards you or around you at some point in the past.
  • Andy has a circular system he uses in his practice. He compares it to a darts board.
  • In the middle, there are the 3 main points a leader should focus on: mission, purpose, and identity. Why are we here? What are we trying to accomplish, and who are we going to be in the process? This is the empowerment target.
  • Surrounding that there are 5 sections that should define every decision: safety, mutual accountability, implicit trust, autonomy, and incentive.
  • The benefit of implementing this system is improved retention, less turn-over rate, and improved morale. It helps to build a more open and safe environment in an organization.
  • Andy says, that unfortunately, many companies come to him when they are already in a crisis. They try to fix the crisis and then go back to their old habits.
  • Currently, due to this pandemic, Andy works around crisis empowerment. He tries to build models to help people get through this crisis and implement a better system.
  • He sees a great opportunity in crisis for a change.
Moments of Truth with Andy Wallace
  • Who is your success role model? He doesn’t have a specific role model, but he gets inspired by a lot of people.
  • What is your biggest success? His family.
  • What does a typical day look like for you? He gets up, meditates, and goes to work. He is usually doing webinars and conducting trainings during the day. In the evening he spends time with his family, and from 10:00 -12:00 PM works on special projects.
  • What’s your favorite quote? He doesn’t have a favorite quote.
  • What are your hobbies? He loves philosophy, meaningful conversations, and playing golf.
  • What is the best business book you’ve read? Alan Eagle, Eric Smith, and Jonathan Rosenberg – Trillion Dollar Coach
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could leave our listeners with about achieving success, what would it be? Know yourself, because buried deep inside you you’re going to find those truths that are going to unlock your unique potential.

About our Guest, Andy Wallace

Andy Wallace

Power and prosperity are inseparably linked. But not always in the ways you think. Andy believes deeply in the possibility of a world where people with power use it to raise others up. But Andy also knows the dark side of power. He has interviewed more than 250 perpetrators of power-based crimes and worked with their victims to put the pieces of their broken lives back together. Drawing on more than a decade of senior leadership in the nonprofit and corporate worlds, Andy teaches organizations who they should give power to and helps them train their leaders to use power well.


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