After getting bullied by a ruthless competitor at a young age, this couple pivots and starts a consulting company. This is very successful and eventual morphs into a real estate company, but not in the traditional sense. They help people acquire income-producing websites in the internet.

Ken and Kerri Courtright Interview

Key Points to Internet Real Estate

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  • Started at a young age together making signs for advertising for small businesses
  • After gaining traction with the sign company, realized they needed they had an opportunity
  • To have a successful company, you need more than one vertical
  • Bought a local video store as real estate and used that as an opportunity for their sign company
  • Competitor felt threatened by their work and attempted to squash their business
  • They came out on top and were able to become one of the largest sign businesses
  • Began creating income generating websites and used their marketing experience
  • Created income generating real estate on the internet for passive investors
  • There are 26 million homes listed for sale and six times as many more websites for purchase world wide
  • Their first deal they got scammed from a photo-shopped PDF document
  • Built a site generating $700,000 a month but dropped due to Facebook legal issues
  • Made it on the INC 5000 list and have consecutively ranked on it for several years
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  • Who is your success role model? Fred Smith and Elon Musk
  • What is your biggest success? The website we built from scratch that made $700,000 a month.
  • What does a typical day for you look like? There is no typical day. We are parents and focus on what the family needs at the moment. The most important thing is what is on our agenda for the day.
  • What is your favorite quote? "Hung by the tongue"
  • What are your hobbies? We are wine collectors, we love wine.
  • What is the best business book you have read? Psychology of Selling and of course our book Rally
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could leave our listeners with about achieving success, what would it be? You're going to get hit, you're going to get knocked down. Just get back up. You know you're doing great when there are arrows pointed your way, so just keep on moving forward.

About our Guests, Kerri and Ken Courtright

Kerri and Ken Courtright Internet Real Estate Experts
Kerri and Ken Courtright

Ken and Kerri Courtright are the co-owners of Income Store! They empower entrepreneurs to shatter the nine-to-five slave-wage paradigm by fostering their financial freedom. They accomplish this by being the world's most extensive online property manager. Their turnkey approach allows partners to put their hard-earned money to work to create a perpetual stream of passive income.

An astounding 34% of the entire United States has surfed on one of their sites. In return, this yielded just under one billion visitors across their site portfolio with 7.8 million actively engaged on social media.

Income Store just received word that they have made the Inc. 5000 for the 6th time in the last seven years! Not only did they crack the rankings again, but #1076 is their highest ranking to date.

Income Store is a forever scaling and evolving independently owned company that just announced a new CEO, David M. Kelly. David. He is the former COO of TD Ameritrade, who spent 20 years at Merrill Lynch.

With David added to the lineup, Income Store is primed and positioned for a monstrous 2020!

For example, the E-commerce sector felt the force of our digital footprint. Within one year, we became Shopify's largest vendor, with over 300 stores. In total, we now have over 1000 revenue-generating websites under management stretching across every (wholesome) industry imaginable.

An astounding 34% of the entire United States has surfed on one of our sites. In return, this yielded just under one billion visitors across our portfolio with 7.8 million actively engaged on social media.

Internet Real Estate Experts

Ken and Kerri have been regularly requested guests on business growth channels and industry conferences. In addition to recently speaking in Italy, Dubai, and Cali Colombia, they have been interviewed by WGN, ABC, A&E, USA Today and most recently, The Biography Channel.

Ken and Kerri, now teach "Business Growth" via their podcast "Today's Growth, Growing Business Today" and through educational videos on IncomeStore.com. Their growth tips are currently heard and viewed over 1,000 times a day in over 60 countries! Ken is also a best-selling author in multiple categories and has produced four films, winning an Emmy in 2018 for "A New Leash on Life." With a company motto: "We can grow any business, in any industry, at any time." Ken and Kerri love tearing apart a business to discover new growth opportunities!

Happily married, they have four kids, are still madly in love, and have been partners (in marriage and business) for almost 30 years! They join a long list of Courtright's who have a streak of over 135 years without a single divorce!

They are ready to share their many tips, tricks, and growth nuggets here today and how they found "real estate" on the internet through income generating websites.