During her 17 year career in corporate sales, a woman falls in love with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). She ultimately leaves her job to make a career out of it. She teaches us from an NLP Expert perspective.

From Corporate America to Full Time NLP Expert

Key Points from the NLP Expert

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  • Started out in sales because she had a project in college that forced her to get involved with a company
  • Worked with a tech company as a sales representative
  • Nikki was a road warrior, she was covering a lot of territory—sometimes up to 15 states
  • Realized she want something a bit more out of her life other than sales
  • Nikki was talking to one of her mentors and her mentor started using NLP to analyze Nikki
  • Started studying neuro-linguistic programming to try to make herself better at sales but ending up becoming a NLP expert
  • Has over 1200 classroom hours in NLP and is master certified in the program
  • Worked with her NLP mentor to help teach others about NLP and to help them become NLP experts as well
  • Hired a business coach to help her set up her company—and he was worth every penny
  • Her business was born out of the idea that many entrepreneurs struggled when it came to sales
  • Her company now leverages her abilities as an NLP expert to train and teach other companies about sales and how to better themselves in that department
Moments of Truth Graphic
Moments of Truth Graphic
  • Who is your success role model? Natalie Eckdahl
  • What is your biggest success? Having a very happy, healthy relationship with her husband
  • What does a typical day for you look like? Every day looks a little different, but her favorite days are the ones she spends coaching clients
  • What is your favorite quote? "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape"
  • What are your hobbies? Reading, cooking and spending time with her nieces and nephew
  • What is the best business book you've read? The Go Getter
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could leave our listeners with about achieving success, what would it be? Knowing that you can do this own your own. You have to be able to believe in yourself

About Our Guest, Nikki Rausch

Nikki Rausch
Nikki Rausch

Nikki integrates her 24+ years of experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, sharing with her clients the same approaches that led to her shattering sales records in her industry and receiving multiple “top producer” awards along the way.

A business degree from the University of Washington and her master certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming mesh perfectly to create a powerful foundation upon which Nikki built tremendous sales skills and now provides enormous benefits for her clients.

Nikki has received numerous sales awards, shattered sales records across industries, and was featured in Female Entrepreneur Magazine. A sought-after speaker, she regularly shares the results of success through illuminating keynote addresses and business-changing workshops. Her robust Sales Maven Society ignites game-changing outcomes for clients, many of whom have also reaped the benefits of her immersive VIP consultations.

Her popular books are available at Amazon. “Buying Signals: How to Spot the Green Light & Increase Your Sales” and “Six-Word Lessons on Influencing with Grace” are excellent resources for those unable to attend her live speaking engagements, coaching groups, or workshops.

To learn more about Nikki and her services, visit her website at https://yoursalesmaven.com/ .

For additional NLP resources and sales training, you can also learn more at https://inlpcenter.org/sales-training-online/