Today we talk to someone in their early 20's with no money or credit, and learn how they leveraged family members to build a business and achieve success centered around number two. Yes, we are talking about poop.

Bucky Potter Interview

Key Points To Leveraging Family to Achieve Success

Portable toilet achieve success
Potter's Potties
  • Began to Achieve Success in High School with First Business Cutting Firewood
  • In College Started a Snow Plow Business
  • Borrowed Money From Little Sister to Buy Plow Truck
  • Scaled Plow Business over Several Years
  • Not the Best Student in College
  • Graduated College and Searched for Jobs
  • Unfulfilled by Working For Someone
  • Had Portable Toilet Business Idea and Pursued It
  • Leveraged Family Connections for Portable Toilet Experience
  • Opened Up First Line of Credit at age 23
  • Had the Business Plan but No Money
  • Loan Denied by Bank
  • Received Loan From Uncle to Start Business
  • Earns First Sale and Takes Off From There
  • Stood Out by Being the Cleanest Portable Toilet
Moments of Truth
Moments of Truth
  • Who Is Your Success Role Model? My Dad
  • What Is Your Biggest Success? My First Sale
  • What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You? I wake up at 5 am. At the shop before the guys arrive. Deliveries. Work. Get home around 5 pm.
  • What is Your Favorite Quote? "It's not the critic who counts"
  • What are Your Hobbies? Being outdoors. Hunting and Fishing.
  • What is the Best Business Book You Have Read? I am not a big reader.
  • If There Was One Key Piece of Advice You Could Leave Listeners With About Achieving Success, What Do You Think It Would Be? Have more confidence in yourself. Find a Niche and Confidence and You Can Be Successful.

About Our Guest, Bucky Potter

bucky potter achieving success
Bucky Potter

As a graduate of Hampden Sydney College, Bucky founded his portable toilet business, Potter's Potties, in 2017. He saw an opportunity to serve an industry that lacked cleanliness and customer service. Potter's Potties are committed to customer satisfaction, efficient service and clean portable restrooms. Potter's Potties is a locally owned company, where they are proud to be a 24 hour service. Your dirty and smelly porta potties days are OVER. Bucky is an outdoor enthusiast and family oriented person. When Bucky is not working on his portable toilet business Bucky is outdoors fishing, hunting and spending time with his family. Reach out to him at Potters Potties on Facebook or email [email protected]