In today's episode, we talk to someone from the land down unda! (Australia) She tells us about being diagnosed with a terminal illness. This then shook up her world and led her to her passion, which is teaching about Conscious Business.

Ashra Bennet Interview

Key Points to Find your Passion

kayaking to your passion
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  • Started in the corporate world
  • Was diagnosed terminally ill in 2012
  • Decided it was time to focus on her passion to help businesses and start-ups optimize what they do
  • Focuses on conscious business which brings people together in co-collaboration for the same purpose
  • Make sure the people in your sphere are working toward the same goal
  • Establish your avatar
  • Make investments in yourself that are aligned with your what your values are
  • What you put in is what you get out
  • Ask advice from qualified individuals who are in the field you are interested in
  • Your brand is your wealth creation
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Moments of Truth
  • Who is your success role model? Grant Cardone
  • What is your biggest success? Being able to teach and facilitate globally
  • What does a typical day for you look like? I wake up at 5 a.m., the first half hour of my day is spent grounding myself, I then work with my global clients until about 7 p.m., then I go to the gym and power down.
  • What is your favorite quote? "Matter is motionless without spirit"
  • What are your hobbies? Painting, drawing and exercise are my passion
  • What is the best business book you have read? How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could leave our listeners with about achieving success, what would it be? Get the foundation right

About our Guest, Ashra Bennet

Ashra Bennet
Ashra Bennet and Her Passion

Ashra is a Quantum Alchemist, Quantum Business Conscious Consultant. Ashra assists every day individuals to understand the language of human physical mastery embodiment and how to maximise individual potential and capacity in what ever is being sought, mastered and co-created in living legacy.

As a highly successful entrepreneur with over 500,000+ global followers on social media, global consultancy business and considered a mentor to industry on human potential Ashra's depth of experience is highly unique.

Ashra bring's two world's together of the unseen and the seen, meaning that Ashra is seventh generation medium clairvoyant psychic who mentors individuals, businesses and corporations through human physical mastery understanding the emotional and mental intelligence of what drives success, abundance and profitability through people, placement and product/service. 

This is the new wave of conscious self thought leadership.