Policeman watching the St Patrick's parade
Photographer: Fred Moon | Source: Unsplash

Buttoning down the powder blue uniform shirt, snapping the belt keepers onto the duty belt, and zipping up the bullet resistant vest. Tonight, would be the last time. Going through evening rituals to ensure all tools are fastened to the belt and the taser is spark tested and ready to go at a moments notice. The pepper spray can is shaken and ready to unleash that spicy hell. I grab the microphone to the radio and mark my unit in service as I depart for the street. Driving down the road, the citizens tap their brakes in fear of being pulled over as I appear behind them for the last time.

The Last Time

Responding to the family that cannot seem to handle their alcohol and resort to physical violence upon each other. Providing comfort to the single mother who believes there may be a man peering into her window at night. Stopping the speeder on the road who at the time does not understand why they were the chosen one to receive the speeding ticket. Receiving advice from the local drunk on how to perform the job and how my badge will miraculously become his once he reveals how I performed my job unsatisfactorily and relieved him of his rights illegally. These are the moments that make the job what it is.


Co-workers who became family members in just a few short moments. High stress and life-threatening situations seem to bring one another closer and closer by the night. Memories; some make for great stories. Others; pushed back deep into the mind that only those who were there would understand. Leaving behind brothers and sisters that you trusted with your life and a reciprocated trust among them. Living in the shadows of the dark, we are the ones who clean up the streets while you sleep peacefully at night. Today will be the last time. I quit!

Road Signs to Quit
Photographer: Dave Clubb | Source: Unsplash

The Path Less Traveled

The choice wasn’t an easy one. A secure job that provided for my lifestyle, home, car and anything else I needed. Entering an unknown only with the passion and drive of what is believed to be a potential freedom creator. Leaving behind a work schedule that turned my life upside down leaving the sunlight a rare sight. No more bosses, no more grooming standards, no more hoping there is availability on the calendar to take leave for a vacation. No more.

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur has only just begun and the road is foggy. Working more hours than expected and relying on hustle and grind to make it to the next level. What if it doesn’t work? Is this going to fail? What if this was the wrong decision? These are all the questions that hold us back and create the biggest wall when deciding to create freedom. Sure, all these things may happen, and it may be the worst decision ever made. But what if you succeed and it was the best thing to ever happen?

Today Is The Day

The only thing that is for sure is that the opportunity to find out the answers to those questions won’t exist unless the decision is made. Looking to the future it appears bright and exciting. Many lives can be changed and freedom is dangling from the ceiling just asking to be reached. Today is the day the decision was made to find the answers. It may take months or even years to really understand the effects of this decision however, today, this is the decision. The plan is set and merely an outline to where the future is meant to be. These plans wont all work out and things will become tough and discouraging.

Relay runner starting to quit
Photographer: Braden Collum | Source: Unsplash

I Quit

After over one hundred interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business owners who took the leap of faith in creating their own freedom, this is the decision that must be made. After months of contemplation and hesitancy, today is the day. Some may call it reckless and dumb. Others may appreciate the desire and vision to release from the grips of employee life. To them, I say go find your own “why” and give it everything you have with what you are doing. You are not stuck. There will never be a perfect time. Today is the day.

I quit.