Two guys that met in a bar form a relationship over time. When one of them gets laid off, the other sees a perfect opportunity to bring him into his company to it become a success. They give us insight into choosing partners, eliminating the 9-5 mindset, and lots more.

How TO Partner To Achieve Greater Success And Scale, with Vidal Espinosa & Jeff Redondo [WJ94]

Key Points on Achieving Greater Success and a Partner, with Vidal Espinosa & Jeff Redondo

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  • Jeff comes from a family of 9-5 workers, he started out working in the nonprofit field doing fundraising
  • Vidal on the other hand comes from a family of entrepreneurs
  • Vidal's father owned a lot of business and worked as an accountant and being the oldest son he was expected to follow in his father's footsteps, which is exactly what he did
  • Jeff and Vidal met at a bar and ended up becoming friends
  • After Jeff was laid off, Vidal asked him if he wanted to join his team at the company he was starting and become a partner
  • Once Jeff joined the company, he had a rough couple weeks transitioning from a 9-5 schedule to a staying until the job is done
  • Jeff realized that owning his own company gave him a lot of freedom during the day and that he couldn't see himself ever going back to a 9-5 job
  • Vidal also explains in the episode: When you partner with someone, you need to be extremely clear as to what each of the partner's is going to do while you're breaking into the business.
  • The two of them now are managing partners of Invictus Advisors a botique financial advising company
Moments of Truth Graphic
Moments of Truth Graphic
  • Who is your success role model? Vidal: His father / Jeff: Tony Robbins
  • What is your biggest success? Vidal: being able to spend whatever he wants on his family / Jeff: being able to buy a pair of Ferragamo shoes
  • What does a typical day for you look like? Vidal: wake up around 5:30, get to the office by 8:30, then he'll work until about 6:00 p.m. / Jeff: wake up around 6:00, go to Starbucks, he'll either go to personal training or walk his dog, then he'll go to the office until about five, then he goes for another walk and listen to an audio book or podcast
  • What is your favorite quote? Vidal: "It all started with a mouse" / Jeff: "Where focus goes, energy flows"
  • What are your hobbies? Vidal: Going to Disney Land/ Jeff: travel, movies, and self improvement
  • What is the best business book you've read? Vidal: Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich / Jeff: The One Thing
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could leave our listeners with about achieving success, what would it be? Get rid of your ego

About our Guest, Vidal Espinosa

Vidal Espinosa Headshot
Vidal Espinosa Headshot

Vidal Espinosa is the Founder and Principal Partner at Invictus Advisors, a bi-national consulting firm whose mission is to be a strategic partner for business owners to make better financial decisions. Managing a portfolio of over 100 clients, with total assets over $10,000,000 he has lead the organization to open multiple offices throughout the United States and Mexico while increasing the annual budget from $25,000 to a million dollars in just three years. As a self-made author, entrepreneur and business owner he understands what it takes to start and run a business effectively.

With over more than 20 years of accounting and taxation experience he has worked for large accounting firms such as KPMG and Deloitte. With a critical eye for substance and quality, strong in budgets, cash forecasts, business, IRS, and Internal Audits he provided tax advice to various corporations including being an external CFO for various multinational companies like Sushi ITTO and Sanyo. He is Certified Public Accountant in Mexico from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City and Cetys Universidad in Tijuana in addition to holding a Masters Degree in International Business by Universidad Iberoamericana and Business Management by IPADE Business School in Mexico. As a former professor at Loyola University, he focused on resolving and analyze competitive problems related to the International Markets for Small and Medium Companies.

More About Vidal Espionsa

Currently Vidal is very involved with the local business community. He co-founded Invictus Advisors Foundation a non-profit 501 (c) 3 whose mission is to provide Latino business owners and start-up businesses relief from financial, marketing, and personal coaching obligations to position their enterprises to grow to their full potential. Additionally, he is the Chief Financial Officer for Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Foundation, Acuavita Foundation, UP-IPADE Business School Foundation and sits on the Advisory Board of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce.

His most recent accomplishments include: San Diego Best Accounting Firm designated by the San Diego Union Tribune; Financial Executive on Frontera Newspaper Editorial Committee; Finalist as the CFO of the Year Awards by San Diego Business Journal; San Diego Latino Champion Business Leader of the Year presented by the San Diego Union Tribune and SDG&E; Top Minority Owned Business by San Diego Business Journal; Nominee for Latino Impact Awards by San Diego Magazine; and the best accountant in Mission Valley according to Yelp.

Espinosa has had several an Amazon best-selling books including “HELP! The IRS is after me. What do I do?” and “Help! I want to be a real estate investor. What do I do?”. As Head of the US/Mexico binational business program at UP-IPADE Business School; in 2020 he will be launching a business accelerator program called “Start Up on Steroids” to give Mexican business the tools they need to launch their business in the United States. This done-with-you program will give the participants the exact steps needed, including financial, legal and marketing tools, to begin their business in the United States.

About Our Guest, Jeff Redondo

Jeff Redondo

Jeff Redondo is the Managing Partner at Invictus Advisors managing the operations, marketing, human resources, and information technology at the firm.  With proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place he has helped effectively grow Invictus Advisors.