A guy gets rejected by all three law schools in his area, and this forces him to work for his grandfather in the meantime. He then becomes an accidental restaurant owner and is killing it now. He tells us about how you can hack the internet to drive revenue.

Shawn Walchef Interview

Key Points to Hack the Internet

Key to hack the internet
A key to hack the internet – Photographer: CMDR Shane | Source: Unsplash
  • Work on the Business Not In the Business
  • Rejected by 3 Law Schools
  • Opened Sports Bar
  • Shifted Into a Sports & Entertainment Craft BBQ Bar
  • People Need to Find You, No Matter What Your Product Is
  • Learned How to Hack the Internet as Social Media Became Popular
  • You Don't Need IT Background to Hack the Internet
  • Get Over Technology Fear
  • Life Is Filled with No's
  • Invest in the Jockey, Not the Horse
  • Invest in Yourself and Invest in Your Education
  • Be Louder Than Anyone Else In Your Niche
  • Be Known Everywhere
Our moments of truth
  • Who is your Success Role Model? My Grandfather
  • What is your Biggest Success? Having a Family
  • What does a Typical Day for You Look Like? Mandatory Mondays with wife. Tuesday through Sunday is working on the Business. Waking up early is super important.
  • What is your Favorite Quote? "Get busy living or get busy dying"
  • What are your Hobbies? Sports. Die hard Chargers fan.
  • Whats the best business book that you have read? Story Brand
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could provide our listeners with about achieving success, what do you think it would be? Stop thinking and start failing.

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