With dreams of becoming a doctor, he finds a new passion for helping entrepreneurs and business leaders optimize their health, energy, fitness and performance with precision through genomics, technology, and systems-based thinking.

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  • Julian didn’t have healthy habits growing up. Seeing older and healthier people motivated him to study as a doctor.
  • He got accepted in New York but realized it wasn’t for him and quit after a year.
  • Julian wanted to be a writer and write about health and fitness-related topics.
  • He got rejected many times in the beginning but eventually got a chance to publish a health-related article in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • His main areas of interest are genomics and epigenetics. He even got certified in epigenetics.
  • To illustrate, he describes epigenetics by comparing it to a computer’s software, while the hardware is the genetic code. Based on the inputs from the environment, like the food we eat or the products we use, we can influence what our genes will express.
  • His writing and his advisory firm feed into each other. These are his 2 main projects.
  • According to Julian, his biggest difficulty is being confident and going after what he really wants, but he is slowly conquering his fears.
  • For writers who are just starting out, Julian recommends having a website where they regularly publish and to approach smaller, local newspapers first.
  • His goal in the future is to help people to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively a little better than the average person. And he is planning to start a podcast on the topic also.

Moments of Truth with Julian Hayes II
  • Who is your success role model? Quincy Jones
  • What is your biggest success? Trusting his gut and deciding to go for his dreams.
  • What does a typical day look like for you? He wakes up around 5:30 AM, studies and reads at least 2 hours and writes at least a 1000 words a day. After this, he meets his clients and does podcast interviews on most days also. Julian feels the most creative writing at night.
  • What’s your favorite quote? “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.” – quote from Casa Blanca
  • What are your hobbies? Learning languages and salsa.
  • What is the best business book you’ve read? Patrick Lencioni – Getting Naked
  • If there was one key piece of advice you could leave our listeners with about achieving success, what would it be? Stay insanely curious. What you are worth is what you say you’re worth. Stay unapologetically different!

About our guest Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II is an author, speaker, human performance & health optimization coach, and the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life.

His initial journey began in the pursuit of being a doctor. However, after one year, he left to pursue an even bigger dream. Now he helps busy and successful entrepreneurs and business leaders optimize their health, energy, and personal performance with precision by leveraging genomics, technology, and systems-based thinking.

Julian’s work has been featured on numerous publications such as Entrepreneur, BodyBuilding.com, SUCCESS, MindBodyGreen, Business Insider, Chief Executive, The Chicago Tribune, and INC where he’s written over 200 columns on how to think and perform better.


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