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Welcome Wealth Junkies. I'm Stuart Dukeman, one of the advisors to the Wealth Junkies team of Brandon & Will. In addition to the daily shows they produce, we are truly motivated to help each and every one of you achieve financial freedom and help you escape the W2 rat race. On this page, we'll bring you informative and beneficial articles and provide additional resources to help you along in your journey. I've been a business owner for over 30 years and will be providing most of the content in the blog articles. Combined with the hundreds of business owners being interviewed, we're certain that we can provide you value along your journey to success.

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No more working for the man! Today is the day that freedom will be chased. It was not an easy decision but today, I quit. We all face the daunting desire to quit our job and create our own freedom. It is time to take action and be your own boss! I quit!

Growing Your Business: What You Can Learn From Amazon and Kohls

Learn what the partnership between Amazon and Kohls can teach you a lesson about growing your business. You don’t have to be a giant to leverage the power of partnerships.

Facebook Groups: Growing Your Business As A Group Member

How to gain exposure and grow your business by being a participating member of Facebook Groups. Don’t just join Facebook Groups, be an active member.

How To Turn Your Business Ideas Into An Actual Business

Do you have a business idea or, if you’re like many people, several business ideas? Do you struggle with taking those business ideas and turning them into reality? Unfortunately, you are not alone.

WJ Advisor, Stuart Dukeman, Talks Multifamily Real Estate with Whitney Sewell

Stuart Dukeman, CEO of CEO Capital Partners, and Wealth Junkies advisor, talks multifamily real estate with Whitney Sewell, host of the The Real Estate Syndication Show.

Getting Money to Start a Business Isn’t Too Difficult

Your idea is amazing but you need money to start your business. That may not sound easy if you are looking to get financing. There are a number of ways however, for getting money to start a business.

6 Business Mistakes That Must Be Avoided To Achieve Success

The reality is that most small businesses fail due to mistakes. It’s necessary to avoid these common business mistakes if you want to experience success.

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