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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch

5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch

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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch
About the Wealth Junkies Podcast

About the Podcast

This is the Wealth Junkies show brought to you by CEO Capital Partners

Brandon Dukeman and Will Harvey, your hosts, deliver the daily fix you’re looking for with exciting, wealth building secrets and strategies for what’s working today. Listen to real-life stories straight from the mouths of some of the hottest, most successful, entrepreneurs and financial freedom seekers to fuel your success addiction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the stories of as many successful entrepreneurs as possible, in hopes that our listeners can find that ONE individual whose story resonates with them and causes them to take life changing action, which liberates them from the W-2 rat race. Our goal is to liberate 1,000 individuals from the W-2 rat race and live a life of wealth, however they choose to define it.

Our Latest Episode

How To Go From Food Service Business To Wealth Advisory, with Josh Patrick [WJ50]

Today, we talk to someone who grows a food service business over 20 years from 2 part time people to 90 employees, and then sells it. After this, he starts a wealth management firm focused on helping business owners.


All Episodes

He is an Investor Full Time After Selling an Amazing Company, with Gary Lipsky [WJ49]

He starts an after school program focused on leadership development that he scales to where they were working with over 9,000 kids daily. After 16 years he sells this business and this gives him the ability and capital to get into real estate full time.


Sneak Peek Sunday 7 [WJ48]

Start your week off right! We have five interviews scheduled this week that are going to bring you secrets to about success and how you can build your wealth today! Today, we give a sneak peek at the coming week’s interviews and why they are going to be valuable.


Success Takeaway Saturday 7 [WJ47]

Success Takeaway Saturday! On today’s show, we recap the prior week’s interviews and compress hours of interviews into about 20 minutes. The golden nuggets are extracted!


From Corporate America to Full Time NLP Expert, with Nikki Rausch [WJ46]

During her 17 year career in corporate sales, a woman falls in love with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). She ultimately leaves her job to make a career out of it.


Blind Blogger Asks a Fantastic Question: “What Is Your Excuse?”, with Maxwell Ivey [WJ45]

A blind carnival worker figures out how to start an online store which inspires many others. This blossoms into him starting a blog and becoming a speaker.


How to Lose Everything and Come Back Stronger, with Jorge Newbery [WJ44]

He becomes a loan officer in 1990 and begins making good money. He then starts flipping apartment buildings in the hood and end up losing everything after a bizarre chain of events that ultimately leads him to his current business.


From Powerful Tech Startup to Owning a Successful Law Firm, with J.P. McAvoy [WJ43]

Today we talk to someone who started law school, then left to move in with Elon Musk and be part of a wildly successful tech startup with him. And ultimately he came back and started a law firm that helps people prepare their company to be sold.


Cash Flow is King: How to Become a Passive Investor, with Travis Watts [WJ42]

A high wage W2 earner hacks his first house in 2009. He then gets distracted from cash flow and does flips and vacation rentals until it is completely unmanageable. Later, he learns about syndication, tries it once and gets hooked to where he sells his entire portfolio and is now a full-time passive investor in 26 unique deals.


Sneak Peek Sunday 6 [WJ41]

Just a quick sneak peek at what to expect for the coming week! Today, we preview the coming week’s interviews and let you know what to expect.


Success Takeaway Saturday 6 [WJ40]

Success Saturday! Today, we recap the prior week’s interviews and give our biggest success takeaway from each one. What was your biggest takeaway from these interviews?


Exciting Story of a Smart Teacher Turned Remarkable Speaker, with Joel Hawbaker [WJ39]

A teacher loves what he does, but wants to make an impact on a bigger scale. So he leverages his background and experience to become a blended family coach, as well as a speaker.


He Goes From Dog Treats To Successful Tech Company, with Scott Holmen [WJ38]

A college dropout starts a dog treat company that ends up being acquired. He then partners and creates a subscription based coffee company and leverages celebrity relationships he built to start a tech company. From here he falls in love with tech and ends up starting his current company to fill a need in that space.


From Rock Bottom to the Road to Becoming a Wealth Junky, with Will Harvey [WJ37]

Today on the show, we talk to our very own Will Harvey about how drugs and alcohol brought him to a horrible place. We then hear about how by the grace of God he got out of it and started accumulating real estate.


He was Brought up in the Family Business, now he Owns it, with Joshua Walker [WJ36]

Today we talk to someone who grew up in the family chiropractic equipment business, and ended up buying it about 3.5 years ago. We learn valuable lessons about being adaptable, niching down, and “selling pick axes to gold miners.”


How to go from Leukemia and Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom, with Jeff Holst [WJ35]

He owns a very successful law firm and everything is going perfect. Then he gets diagnosed with Leukemia and has to file for bankruptcy. From here at ground zero he starts over and builds a massive real estate empire and teaches us to live our best life.


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Meet Your Hosts

Brandon Dukeman

Entrepreneur and Co-Host

Choosing the college route, Brandon played college football at Shepherd University for two years as a 290lb offensive lineman. Making the decision to focus on his health and education, he transferred to George Mason University, where he finished his degree, while working full-time, and successfully dropped 60lbs in just a few short months. At just 20 years old, Brandon was hired as a police officer in Virginia, making him one of the youngest officers in the department at the time. During his midnight shifts, the decision to create a life of financial freedom came alive. Brandon dedicated hundreds of hours learning about multifamily real estate and later became co-owner of CEO Capital Partners. His journey has led him to helping motivate others to help them reach their own financial freedom through the Wealth Junkies show.

Will Harvey

Entrepreneur and Co-Host

After battling drug and alcohol addiction in his late teens, Will played college football until an injury prevented him from continuing. He then started his career in the mortgage business and won National Rookie of the Year in 2017 and operated in the top 5% at one of the largest retail home lenders in the country. In 2019 he walked away from this multiple 6-figure job because he wanted to focus on creating legacy wealth for himself and his family. He now focuses on real estate full-time, owning over $1,500,000 in personal real estate and is a co-owner of CEO Capital Partners, a real estate acquisition company focused on multifamily apartments.

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