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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch

5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch

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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch
About the Wealth Junkies Podcast

About the Podcast

This is the Wealth Junkies show brought to you by CEO Capital Partners

Brandon Dukeman and Will Harvey, your hosts, deliver the daily fix you’re looking for with exciting, wealth building secrets and strategies for what’s working today. Listen to real-life stories straight from the mouths of some of the hottest, most successful, entrepreneurs and financial freedom seekers to fuel your success addiction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the stories of as many successful entrepreneurs as possible, in hopes that our listeners can find that ONE individual whose story resonates with them and causes them to take life changing action, which liberates them from the W-2 rat race. Our goal is to liberate 1,000 individuals from the W-2 rat race and live a life of wealth, however they choose to define it.

Our Latest Episode

The Best Business Strategies To Really Crush Your Profit, With Greg Shepard [WJ170]

Today our guest, Greg Shepard shares the framework and strategy for having a successful business. He also talks about the 12 different companies that he has developed and sold.


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How To Sleep Better For A Results Filled Life, With Mollie McGlocklin [WJ169]

Today we talk to a digital nomad, Mollie McGlocklin, about sleep. Why it is so important and how to grow your skill as a sleeper.


Real Estate Strategies You Need That Will Unlock Wealth, With Anthony Scandariato [WJ168]

He begins buying duplexes and moves up to small apartments before getting into real estate syndication. He now has over 70 units personally, 51 syndicated and 132 under contract. He was able to leave his high wage job in January and tells us all about it.


Sneak Peek Sunday [WJ167]

Today we preview the coming week’s interviews and let you know what you can expect.


Success Takeaway Saturday 24 [WJ166]

Today we recap the prior week’s interviews and give our success takeaway from each interview. We hope you didn’t miss out on any of them!


How To Profit From The Best Virtual Assistants, With Daniel Ramsey [WJ165]

He starts leveraging virtual assistants way before they became mainstream to serve his real estate business. After discovering the need for this on a much larger scale, he starts a company focused on helping other companies do the same.


Power Dynamics That Will Make Or Destroy Your Business, With Andy Wallace [WJ164]

Today we talk to Andy Wallace who has a background in power-based crime intervention. He teaches us about power dynamics and how companies are using them to their benefit or detriment.


How To Build A Better Crossfit Gym That Will Survive A Crisis, With Scott McAlee [WJ163]

With a personal training background and years of preparation, he partners with a former client to open his own gym. He shares some successes and challenges and how they have adapted with COVID-19 affecting them.


Powerful Student Loan Hacks That Will Save Years Of Debt, With Robert Farrington [WJ162]

He starts blogging in 2009 as a pure side hustle, it morphs primarily into a resource about student loan and takes off. He then leaves his day job and goes into this full time in 2017 and it takes off even further from there.


Better Ways To Invest In Real Estate That Will Skyrocket Success, With Seth Ferguson [WJ161]

Today we talk to someone who buys a duplex and some more single families until he realizes he needs to go bigger. He educates himself on multifamily real estate and goes all-in on it.


Sneak Peek Sunday 23 [WJ160]

Today we preview the coming week’s interviews and let you know what you can expect. Here is your sneak peek of the week!


Success Takeaway Saturday 23 [WJ159]

Today on Wealth Junkies, we recap the prior week’s interviews and give our success takeaway from each interview. Check out any episode you might have missed!


Cryptocurrency Is The Secure Money Of The Future, With Jamar James [WJ158]

Today our guest shares how he has created financial freedom for himself and his family through cryptocurrency and he talks about why he remains bullish on it.


What Happens When You Double Down On An Innovative Idea, With Rob Kessler [WJ157]

He starts a screen printing company and sells T-shirts on accident and it becomes a million-dollar company. He then house hacks a few office buildings successfully before talking about his main focus, a company called Million Dollar Collar that he started.


From Failure To Success How To See Money In The Restaurant World, With Chris Perkins [WJ156]

Opening his first restaurant at the age of 21, he finds great success. He looks to expand his business shortly after but is met with many failures and lessons learned. Through those lessons he builds a better restaurant business and is able to find the benefits of owning his own real estate.


How To Scale Your Business In A Super Way, With Super Joe Pardo [WJ155]

Working in a multi-million dollar family business, he leaves to pursue his own dreams of helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business and lifestyle of their dreams. Along the way, he builds a popular podcast conference and more!


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Meet Your Hosts

Brandon Dukeman

Entrepreneur and Co-Host

Choosing the college route, Brandon played college football at Shepherd University for two years as a 290lb offensive lineman. Making the decision to focus on his health and education, he transferred to George Mason University, where he finished his degree, while working full-time, and successfully dropped 60lbs in just a few short months. At just 20 years old, Brandon was hired as a police officer in Virginia, making him one of the youngest officers in the department at the time. During his midnight shifts, the decision to create a life of financial freedom came alive. Brandon dedicated hundreds of hours learning about multifamily real estate and later became co-owner of CEO Capital Partners. His journey has led him to helping motivate others to help them reach their own financial freedom through the Wealth Junkies show.

Will Harvey

Entrepreneur and Co-Host

After battling drug and alcohol addiction in his late teens, Will played college football until an injury prevented him from continuing. He then started his career in the mortgage business and won National Rookie of the Year in 2017 and operated in the top 5% at one of the largest retail home lenders in the country. In 2019 he walked away from this multiple 6-figure job because he wanted to focus on creating legacy wealth for himself and his family. He now focuses on real estate full-time, owning over $1,500,000 in personal real estate and is a co-owner of CEO Capital Partners, a real estate acquisition company focused on multifamily apartments.

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