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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch

5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch

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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job and Have That Entrepreneurial Itch
About the Wealth Junkies Podcast

About the Podcast

This is the Wealth Junkies show brought to you by CEO Capital Partners

Brandon Dukeman and Will Harvey, your hosts, deliver the daily fix you’re looking for with exciting, wealth building secrets and strategies for what’s working today. Listen to real-life stories straight from the mouths of some of the hottest, most successful, entrepreneurs and financial freedom seekers to fuel your success addiction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the stories of as many successful entrepreneurs as possible, in hopes that our listeners can find that ONE individual whose story resonates with them and causes them to take life changing action, which liberates them from the W-2 rat race. Our goal is to liberate 1,000 individuals from the W-2 rat race and live a life of wealth, however they choose to define it.

Our Latest Episode

The 7 Steps To Create Financial Freedom In 10 Years Or Less, with Ryan Wright [WJ73]

Today we learn the 7 steps to create financial freedom in 10 years or less, outside of the wall street casino.


All Episodes

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race And Become A Fractional CFO, with Ken Wentworth [WJ72]

Today we talk to someone who has broken 6 world records, and climbed very high up the corporate ladder at J.P. Morgan Chase. Since then he has left to become the CFO of multiple companies while not being employed by any of them.


He Owns Several Successful Businesses In The Financial World, with Grant Botma [WJ71]

Our guest gets started at a relatively young age and now owns several businesses that tie into each other in the finance world. He teaches us valuable lessons about filling needs and solving problems as we see them.


How To Pivot To Fill A Need In The Multifamily Space, with Josiah Mann [WJ70]

Today, on Multifamily Monday we talk to someone who gets started in multifamily, and then pivots to solve a problem many others were encountering too. This is a textbook example of selling pickaxes to miners.


Sneak Peek Sunday 10 [WJ69]

This Sneak Peek Sunday we preview the coming week’s interviews. Be sure to catch the episodes that interest you as they air!


Success Takeaway Saturday 10 [WJ68]

Today we recap the prior week’s interviews and share our success takeaway from each one.


He Starts An Awesome Company After Illness Shakes Up His World, with Paul Higgins [WJ67]

He works for 18 years for the Coca-Cola company. Afterwards, a major health condition and that entrepreneurial itch cause him to take action and work for himself instead of someone else.


From Corporate America To Successful Social Media Company, with Brandy Henry [WJ66]

Today we talk to someone who left “Corporate America” to start a company that helps people get comfortable with social media. It is an awesome story, but she talks about almost giving up, and how she got through that.


How To Start A Blog And Eventually Leave Your Job, with Eric Rosenberg [WJ65]

A guy with a couple college degrees starts a blog that eventually replaces his income. This allows him to leave cubicle-land (his day job).


A Successful House Hack Opens His Eyes To The Power Of RE, with Rob Chevez [WJ64]

Today we talk to someone who gets the “ah ha” moment after doing his first house hack. He then starts a hiring company with someone else and runs it for 7 years before going back to focus on real estate full time.


Multifamily Expert Shares How To Be Successful In Student Housing, with Jeff Greenberg [WJ63]

Today on Multifamily Monday we talk to someone who used multifamily real estate to retire from his IT job, and we dive deeper into the student housing niche.


Sneak Peek Sunday [WJ62]

This Sneak Peek Sunday we give you a quick peek into what’s coming this week. If anything piques your interests be sure to catch the episode when it comes out! Today we are previewing the coming week’s interviews!


Success Takeaway Saturday 9 [WJ61]

We had some great interviews this week! Check out our recap of what we learned. Today we recap the prior week’s interviews and share our success takeaway from each one.


From NASA To Launching Successful Consultancy Of Her Own, with Dr. Rachel MK Headley [WJ60]

One of the few doctors we’ve had on the show hones her craft working 7 years in charge of a major mission at NASA. She then decides to leave and start a consultancy focused on helping companies build internal teams.


From Real Estate To Options Trading, He Finds More Time In The Day Than Most, with David Sun [WJ59]

Today we talk to our very own David Sun about how he has created multiple streams of income for himself. From real estate syndications to options trading, he has done it all.


After 20 Years In The Navy, He Is Now A Full Time Preferred Equity Partner, with John Rubino [WJ58]

He dabbles in real estate while in the Navy, and in 2012 starts his investment company. 5 years later he retires to focus on real estate full time, and his group has raised over $20 million and is very successful.


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Meet Your Hosts

Brandon Dukeman

Entrepreneur and Co-Host

Choosing the college route, Brandon played college football at Shepherd University for two years as a 290lb offensive lineman. Making the decision to focus on his health and education, he transferred to George Mason University, where he finished his degree, while working full-time, and successfully dropped 60lbs in just a few short months. At just 20 years old, Brandon was hired as a police officer in Virginia, making him one of the youngest officers in the department at the time. During his midnight shifts, the decision to create a life of financial freedom came alive. Brandon dedicated hundreds of hours learning about multifamily real estate and later became co-owner of CEO Capital Partners. His journey has led him to helping motivate others to help them reach their own financial freedom through the Wealth Junkies show.

Will Harvey

Entrepreneur and Co-Host

After battling drug and alcohol addiction in his late teens, Will played college football until an injury prevented him from continuing. He then started his career in the mortgage business and won National Rookie of the Year in 2017 and operated in the top 5% at one of the largest retail home lenders in the country. In 2019 he walked away from this multiple 6-figure job because he wanted to focus on creating legacy wealth for himself and his family. He now focuses on real estate full-time, owning over $1,500,000 in personal real estate and is a co-owner of CEO Capital Partners, a real estate acquisition company focused on multifamily apartments.

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